Thursday, March 17, 2011

Before I left for Vacation, my church had their annual Rummage Sale and I found 2 things just meant for me.  There were 2 hat boxes that had about 5 hats between the two of them there.  So cute.  And they gave me the 2 hat boxes and the hats for a grand total of $5.  You can't beat that.
While we were in Florida, we found a couple of antique stores.  The prices were a little high for me, because I am cheap like that, but I did find a few things
there are some pretty awesome dress pictures in this magazine that I will scan later and post
The hats were a little more than I like to spend (normally I only spend between $1-$10), especially with the netting being torn, but I figure I can fix that myself.
Books I read (no worries, I'm not reviewing them, jus tgrading htem):
                           A+ (I loved it better than the Sequels)
                                               A+- my favorite series, I've read 
                           so many times.  This is my favorite one
                                      A-/B+  Not my favorite in the series
                                       A- This is the new one that just came 
                      out.  While I missed a lot of my favorite 
                      characters (they were absent), I still     
                      really enjoyed it.  And despite what the covers suggest, 
                                      these are about as clean as you can get with urban fantasy     
                                      adult  novels
                                         B- - I still haven't finished this             
                       novel, but  I am enjoying it so far, I  
                       just wish there wasn't as much swearing 
                       and sex as there is in it.

And....thats it.  Family vacation pictures are done. Woo.  Tomorrow I am going to announce a small giveaway for reaching 50 followers.  So stay tuned :D


Betty2Tone (Laura) said...

Those first hats/boxes were a great deal!

Jennifer said...

Loving those hat boxes and hats! Makes me want to go vintage shopping right now! Good thing for my pocketbook that the stores are closed now. ;)

Lauren Hairston said...

There's nothing better than swearing and sex! ;-) My great-grandmother actually crosses out all the passages or words she finds objectionable in the books she reads. Too funny.

That copy of McCall's looks amazing! I just LOVE old magazines. You got some great stuff!

art deco dame said...

such a steal!the hats looks great and I'm very jealous of the barrettes!

mode. said...

great finds! i love the hats. i have a weakness for them, too. looks like you had fun! :)
<3 mode.