Saturday, April 30, 2011

I feel Gretal...or Heidi

2 Saturdays ago, Mom and I attempted to go the monthly flea market. However, is was seriously pouring down rain, so we went to 2 Antique Malls near there.  Springfield, OH is seriously like the hubbub of Antiquing.  However, when we were at the first antique mall, the electricity went out in the whole area, so that meant no more shopping.  I did find a lot of neat things for my shop, that will be featured in another blog post coming soon.  I decided to wear my pair of WWII Navy pants that fit like a dream.  I also wore a top that I made out of fabric from the 40's.  I reall like the versatility of the shirt because its casual but can also be dressy.  I've seen people wear their hair like this, but never tried it before, and let me tell you, I really really love it.  It is so quick to do and I think it is really complimentary on a lot of different types of faces.  I do feel like Heidi or Gretal, though, haha.  Since my hair is so short though, I have to do it differently than how people probably normally do it.  I make two really high pigtails and leave the ponytails in while I braid them.  Then I take out the pigtail ponytail and pin the braids up with about 6 or 8 bobbypins.  Does that make sense.  In my head it does, but I never know how it sounds to other people haha.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Modern Day

Well, this is not something I normally do, but I thought I would try out a modern day outfit post.  I can do a whole lot more of these, since this is the type of clothing that I normally wear to work.  Its almost impossible to wear my vintage clothing to work since it is all nicer and work is not so nice.  Seriously, most of the places that I job coach at are in warehouse or supermarkets.  Fun times.  But I do like to see what people wear besides vintage...sometimes.  So, how do you feel dear bloggers if I do random modern day outfit posts as well? 
Dress: Kohls
Sweater and leggings: Aeropostale
Shoes: Target
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Musical 2011

At the beginning of April, my church produced an Easter Musical.  I always think our choir director picks out the prettiest musicals for us to sing and play in.  I play the oboe in our church orchestra, though, so I was playing instead of singing.  Sometimes I wish I could do both at the same time.  Wouldn't that be awesome if you could do that.... er.... maybe I'm the only one that thinks about impossible things like that, but I really truly do.  I love to sing, but I also love to play, and well since I'm the only one at church that plays the oboe, I'm always stuck in the dang orchestra, not that I mind :D  And while we're on the subject of complaining, why must "professionals" always wear black?  It's such a boring dark color.  Seriously.  How awesome would it be if a choir suddenly decided to wear all bright colors.  Can you imagine how cheery and happy the place would be?  I'm just saying.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Today is Easter. Woo Hoo Easter.  The day that Jesus was miraculously resurrected from the dead after dying for our sins upon the cross.  How totally awesome is that.  I had my little kiddies in Sunday School class have a cheering party for Jesus and then we had an Easter egg hunt and watched some lovely Veggie Tales movies.
After church, mom and I watched some super fun Robin Hood episodes.  I know this is probably pretty obvious, but my family has a strong appreciation for British tv.  We watched Robin Hood while it was playing on BBCA, but I like to revisit it from time to time on dvd.  Because its that awesome.
And then later on, we finally had our family dinner which I made potatoes au gratin for.  Recipe will be coming soon because its on that I actually made up myself and they always disappear very quickly.  Yummo

And I'm Back/Giveaway

Hello dear blog readers.  I didn't realize it had been over a month since my last post.  Yikes!  Let me tell you what happened.  Basically, technology hates me.  Like...really really hates me.  Within the past 4 years I have literally gone through 6 mp3 players, and now I will soon be on my 3rd computer.  When I got back from vacation, my beloved computer (though now it is despised) decided to die out on me and refuses to charge anymore, and doesn't even want to give me a pictures.  Lovely.  So for the past month, my dad and I have been sharing his computer whilst my dear dear mother decides on the perfect new laptop for me to buy.  So, I have like 15 posts that I am working on right now, to debut throughout the coming weeks.  Yay!  In the meantime, as I promised, I am going to have a small giveaway since I reached my one year anniversary of blogging.  Woo Hoo!  This next year of blogging, I am going to try to be more focused on things and try to do things more consistantly, because seriously, sometimes its like my blog needs to be on ritalin.  There is no rhyme or reason on what I feature or when I even do a post (obvs.).  So my dear blog readers, I promise to be better :D
Included in the giveaway are the following:
1 gold netting hat with velvet bows
1 pair of plastic 50's sunglasses with yellow tinted plastic lenses
1 pretty pearl pin (unsure of age)
1 pearl necklace (unsure of age)

so rules if you want to be included:
1.  You must be a follower of my blog
2.  The cut off date is in one week, May 1, 2011
3.  If you want an extra entry, you can blog about the give away or post a link on facebook and let me know in the comments that you did

And, on a side note, did anyone watch the premier of Doctor Who last night?  The scenes in the tunnels with all the aliens kinda gave me the chills.  I'm just sayin'.  And, is anyone watching Game of Thrones?  I just started the second book.  Its very fabulous.  But very very adult :(