Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Modern Day

Well, this is not something I normally do, but I thought I would try out a modern day outfit post.  I can do a whole lot more of these, since this is the type of clothing that I normally wear to work.  Its almost impossible to wear my vintage clothing to work since it is all nicer and work is not so nice.  Seriously, most of the places that I job coach at are in warehouse or supermarkets.  Fun times.  But I do like to see what people wear besides vintage...sometimes.  So, how do you feel dear bloggers if I do random modern day outfit posts as well? 
Dress: Kohls
Sweater and leggings: Aeropostale
Shoes: Target
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Debi said...

So Cute!!!

Stephanie Lynn said...

You look super cute and trendy! I do nonvintage outfit posts occasionally. I can't wear vintage to work either!

Cilla said...

I think I like you more Modern better than vintage! Either way you always look beautiful! :)