Saturday, April 30, 2011

I feel Gretal...or Heidi

2 Saturdays ago, Mom and I attempted to go the monthly flea market. However, is was seriously pouring down rain, so we went to 2 Antique Malls near there.  Springfield, OH is seriously like the hubbub of Antiquing.  However, when we were at the first antique mall, the electricity went out in the whole area, so that meant no more shopping.  I did find a lot of neat things for my shop, that will be featured in another blog post coming soon.  I decided to wear my pair of WWII Navy pants that fit like a dream.  I also wore a top that I made out of fabric from the 40's.  I reall like the versatility of the shirt because its casual but can also be dressy.  I've seen people wear their hair like this, but never tried it before, and let me tell you, I really really love it.  It is so quick to do and I think it is really complimentary on a lot of different types of faces.  I do feel like Heidi or Gretal, though, haha.  Since my hair is so short though, I have to do it differently than how people probably normally do it.  I make two really high pigtails and leave the ponytails in while I braid them.  Then I take out the pigtail ponytail and pin the braids up with about 6 or 8 bobbypins.  Does that make sense.  In my head it does, but I never know how it sounds to other people haha.

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Debi said...

Love the off the should look...very 40's! And the hair fits so well!

Stephanie Lynn said...

Oh, I'll have to try my hair that way. It's getting longer but definitely not long enough to do the Heidi look properly.