Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So I guess I decided to take like a 2 month break from blogging and I'm not really sure why.  Everytime I would wear vintage or go somewhere exciting, I would be like "Oh, I need to take pictures to put on my blog" but wouldn't.  So much for dedication.  I haven't even been reading anyone's blog that I normally read.  Sad.  I have a lot of catching up to do.  But something exciting has happened to me in those 2 months, though....I finally have gotten my first full time job since graduating college.  I am going to be a records clerk at the sheriff's office in my county.  I will also be making about double an hour from my previous job, so maybe I will be able to actually move out of my house and live on my own...That's my goal anyways.

So, in May, my best friend got married and I was in the bridal party.  The ceremony was a traditional Catholic ceremony, but the reception was Indian and it was literally the most fun I have had at a wedding.  Everything was so bright and colorful and lively.  I'm not usually one for dancing but I think I danced for 4 hours straight.  I was so excited for her and I only cried once.  I was so proud!