Thursday, July 8, 2010

Midland, MI aka vacation

Every year for about the past 4 years, we have been going to Midland, Michigan to stay with my Uncle.  Usually it is just us and my uncle's family, but this year my Georgia Aunt and her family came.  Yay!  It makes things so much more fun with more family, don't you agree?  We had a blast basically doing nothing.  We stayed on my uncle's property almost the entire week, except to see a baseball game.  And you know what, I never got bored.  He has such a beautiful property with a gorgeous humongo pond, lovely pool, lovely big screen goes on and on.  I hope we are able to do this every year! Enjoy the pretty pictures
I finally reshaped that poor misshapen hat, but I had a hard time keeping it on, even with a hat pin in.
My Uncle and his new wife.  She is going to have a baby soon.  Yay! More cousins:D
This golf game was actually really fun, even though I totally sucked at it
My cousin is insane.  I love him for it:D
This is probably my fav picture by far.  It is so crafty and surprisingly my mother took it.
I always eat so dang much on vacation, its like eating 6 big meals a day.
My aunt's husband.  They got married last October and he is definitely a welcome change to our family.  So sweet and hilarious:D
Everyone played tug-of-war and then had a water balloon fight right after.  My poor cousin totally got beat up.  His poor back was a mess.
My aunt definitely livens things up.  I love it, because otherwise this vacation would have been totally boring and mellow.
The only picture I got of my aunt, mom, and me, and dang it, she moved her dang head.
Yep, Dexter made it to vacation and he has never been so barky.  I was about ready to shoot him on multiple occasions....not literally
I wanted to fish so bad, but my idea of fishing is this: Someone (not me) puts the worm on the hook, someone casts the line (me) and catches the fish, and someone takes the fish off the hook and puts it back in the water(also, not me).  Yeah, I didn't think that would go over very well and would probably would be made to do everything by myself.  So, yeah, no fishing for me.
My uncle, whose house we were at, and the freaking humongoid fish he caught.  Don't ask me what it was, I'd probably be lying to him.
What I did for about 50% of the vacation: read.  I love to read and I bring a book with me almost everywhere I go.  So far I have read 3 books, all YA: Raised By Wolves, Betrayals, and The Reckoning.   My favorite was Raised By Wolves, which is a must if you are a fan of Urban Fantasy.  It is one of the best werewolf novels I have read besides the Mercy Thompson series.
Awww. Aren't they cute:D
Cousins cousins.  Love 'em.
We went to a baseball game.  If you know me, you know I am about as nonsports oriented as you can get.  I hate golf, don't understand football, think baseball is about as boring as you can get, and don't understand the fascination with soccer.  The only sport I do like is tennis, but that is because I played it in high school, and I respect the people that play it.
Okay, really bad picture.  I totally look like I am in pain, my dad looks ridiculous, but my mom looks pretty.
This was my entertainment during the game.  Is not that fabulous costume?  He was hilarious.

My aunt's family last night, we had a bonfire after the game and partied....and in the morning, I regretted it. bleh
My mom and her brother and sister.  Don't they all look alike?  I think they do.
Our first family picture in like 10 years, even though half of our family isn't there, the thought still is.
And that's it.  Here's the link if you want to see the rest of them.
We leave on Saturday and then I have to get sewing.  My friend's wedding is on the following Saturday and we are leaving on Thursday to go up early and help.  So, my new dress I want to get done better be sewn when I am doing some serious speed.


karie said...

Awww everyone looked like they had a good time! I really wish that we could of made it up to see everyone! We will be in Ohio around the 14th of August though! : )

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