Monday, July 19, 2010

I Now Pronounce You...

So Yesterday, one of my friends got married.  Yay Lauren and Rob!  She is actually one of the first of my friends to do so.  Lauren and I have been friends for what seems like forever...literally.  I mean we were playing in the church nursery together for goodness sakes, so, yeah...definitely my longest friendship to date.  My mother and I went over to Indiana (where she got married) on Thursday to help with the cake decorating and reception decorating, and anything else that needed helped with.  Lauren did a lot of practically everything (it felt like) by herself, and instead of a traditional things she took a different path.  I loved  how different her wedding was and how beautiful and simple it all was, if I ever get married I definitely know who I will be calling for advice.  Each of her bridesmaids held balloons instead of flowers as they walked down the isle.  For a center piece, she had a different cake made by family and friends on each table.  She made her wedding programs into fans and had either mad libs or crossword puzzles on the back.  For the food, we had a taco bar to choose from.  See what I mean.  Unique, fun, creative.  I absolutely loved it, but I am so exhausted from the past 4 days I came right home and slept for several hours, lol.  For the wedding I made a 1930's dress, with actual sheer vintage fabric.  The fabric is a floral print so you can't really see any of the detail in the dress, but there are tiny tucks on both sides of the top near the shoulder seam, and there is a draping of fabric right under the neck hole.  I also finally got a chance to wear this absolutely gorgeous hat my aunt sent me for my birthday.  She knows I love vintage and one day I got a surprise in the mail and it was this fantastical hat, a world traveling hat box, gloves, and clutch purse.  It took me forever to figure out an outfit worthy of this hat, but I finally did.  Yay!  And wearing it felt like it went with the theme for the wedding because Lauren wore a beautiful 1950's tea length dress and got superly cute headpiece that matched perfectly.  Her and her now husband looked absolutely adorable together during the whole night.
  I passed out programs before the wedding with Rob's sister and Lauren's sister-in-law.
The maid of honor.
We arrived at the reception early early so we had some time to kill.  Therefore, picture time!
These were our carpool mates, tablemates, entertainment for the weekend, lol
The parents of the bride.
Isn't that dress just fabulously vintage, and that hairpiece. ahh.  I approve LKBH, I approve.
The first dance.
The mother son dance
The father daughter dance.

Then they had a dance for all the father daughters and mother and sons.  Yes that is my father dancing...and not at gunpoint.  He got out there all on his own.  I expect him to go about 78 times better than this when I actually get married someday.
They had a married couples dance during the wedding, and they kept going by every 10 years of marriage you had to leave the dance floor.  Except for the two older couples, my parent's and Lauren's parents were the last to leave.  Yay for long marriages!
Everyone doing the cha cha slide. I got out on the dance floor a few times, but there definitely not enough alcohol in me to keep me going for long.

The perfect ending to their beautiful night.  Sparklers laced their way out to their car, just as it had stopped raining.
The End

For all wedding pictures: photobucket file


Charlotte said...

That is a seriously fabulous dress - you have great style!

xx Charlotte
Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

Cilla said...

Looks like you had good practice for my wedding...except - you will be on the dance floor all night with me!!! Or else you're uninvited:)