Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Quick Post

Wow.  Nothing like taking 2 weeks off to do absolutely nothing.  I think I had sewing sickness or something after scurrying to make all those clothes for Michigan at the beginning of the month.  But now, I am back into the swing of things and made a new dress this week.  I think it might be my favorite dress so far....hmm.  I do tend to say that about each new thing that I make.  I felt like the fabric had a 30's/shabby chic feel, I hope.  I used this pattern:
And, for once in my life, I did not have one problem with it at all.  No whining to mother that I can't figure out how some random pieces are supposed to magically fit together.  So this pattern gets an A+ in my book.  I was sad I didn't really have a proper hat to wear to church today, especially since my hair was doing something truly funky.  Oh well.  The little kiddos didn't really mind.
The pleats are there, I swear.  You just can't see them.  Stupid sun.

Also, while I was at Godspell rehearsal, my parents went garage saleing without me.  How dare they?  Well, I forgive them because they got me awesome things:
3 things of vintage netting for hats, I believe
                                                           I think this one is called charmante (sp?) veiling
Two needlecraft publications from the 30's with this awesome pictures:
                              Wouldn't you just die for that dress....I would
Knitting instructions for those three if I only knew how to knit
This ad just made me smile:D
Also, a few days ago my mother surprised me with this 1940's hat she found on ebay. Yay mother!
Also, within the past 3 weeks, between Michigan and Lauren's wedding, I reorganized my room finally, and put all my hats in their proper spots: hat boxes, suitcases, and some on the wall
And now on to make the post I had planned on doing last week but was too lazy.

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