Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daily Outfit

Today, my day off, I actually had a meeting for an organization where I was hoping to get hired on temporarily.  It is called Mental Health America, and each affiliation is county based.  They have to have a yearly public educational meeting, and I was asked if I would be able to plan the entire meeting.  And I said yes, of course.  Did you really think I would give up the opportunity for some extra money.  Heck no, I'm not crazy. My official title is something like Administrative Support and Organizing.  But basically I am going to be the event planner.  Yay me!
This is going to go on until November.  I wanted to look sharp and dress to impress of course, so I dug this  casual suit out of my closet that I completely forgot I had gotten.  Silly me, it is too cute to be hidden in the back where I hardly ever venture.  What do you think?

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