Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Final Godspell Post

Well, Godspell has finally come and gone.  Whew!  After 3 full months of daily acting and music practices, weekend rehearsals, frustrations, joys, tears, and laughter, it is actually over.  How lovely it will be to have free time in the evenings now, and not have to worry about how late I stay out on Friday nights.  This was my first experience with a musical, so I was not sure what to expect at all, but I can say without a doubt I loved it and could see myself doing something like this in the future.  And also, this finally means I can actually get back to a regular sewing schedule.  If this tells you anything, I can even say I slightly miss handsewing all those long skirt hems.  Yikes!  I must be desperate to get back to sewing if I can say that without a smirk.  And I just remembered I never actually got around to posting a picture of the outfit I made for Godspell.  I based it on a 50's diner outfit, but used a 1940's pattern to start with and then completely altered it to fit my liking.  However, if you know Godspell at all, you know it is a very colorful, very random sort of musical, so keep that in mind when you see the pictures.  Now I have to work on degodspelling my outfit and make it wearable:D
Man sakes alive.  How tired do I look in these last two pictures with best friend and mom?  Wow.  No wonder I have been taking 4 hour naps in the afternoon the last 2 days.  Ha.  Well, I am now going to work on getting the video up on youtube hopefully within the next 2 weeks, and I am applying to be a substitute teacher!  yay.  I am pretty excited about this. 


Justice Pirate said...

I had seen this entry before I wrote up what I watched this week. I thought that was adorable and I love your dress. How did you do? I hope that the message was placed well and that people were touched by God through your singing and such. Which songs did you personally sing?

CAITi said...

thank you! Our production turned out really great I think. It had people in it from three different churches which was just lovely getting to know new people that I might otherwise never have met. We heard a lot of good things from people in the audience and someone told someone in the cast that they could tell that not only were we having fun but we were living our faith on stage. I sang By My Side.