Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hats and Store Stuff

Well, important things first.  I decided upon my etsy store name.  No contest really, despite what my mother likes to say.  It will be named The Time Traveling Lark.  I like this name for a few reasons.  One, it has a sort of whimsical feel which I love.  And two, time traveling totally reminds me of something syfyie, so yeah, it's made of awesome!

Now, on to the fun.  Last friday, I went around to all of the local antique stores, which I have never done, and found some awesome things.  Why you ask, have I never gone to my local antique stores (and mind you, I live in a small town of about 30,000 so its not like there is a ton of anything here).  Well, I have to say my only excuse is laziness, but not anymore.  These stores were so totally wonderful with some amazing deals, that I will have to go often.  So, the rest of this post is just going to be pictures of hats and a few outfits, and I will make a note if I am going to put it in my store.

My poor friend. She doesn't wear vintage at all, but she is much smaller than me so I made her try this 40's suit on so I could take a picture.  This suit is in perfect condition, but sadly doesn't come close to fitting me.  Sad face.  So, it is going in my store!

Found a few more hat boxes.  Yay!  Especially that black and pink one.  Yay!
At first  I was unsure about this hat.  It is a little small, it is an odd color and I can't decide if it's brown or black, and it has been squashed, the poor thing.  But I love the way it looks on me, very Audrey Hepburnish, me thinks.  So I am going to make do.
This hat is gorgeous, in perfect condition, and it's all mine:D
This is my first hat of this kind...are they called something special?  I don't even know, but I love love love the flower adornments on it.
This is like a overly large headband with netting in serious need of steaming and reshaping, but it fits, so its for keeps.
Does this hat look like a 1940's?  I think it does, so that's what I am going to call it.  This one is definitely my favorite find from last Friday.
This hat is way too small for me, so guess what.  Yeah, its going in the store.  There are a few small little moth holes in the velvet, but not really noticeable unless you are right up on the person.  Also, there is a small tear on the inside, but it doesn't affect the fit of the hat.
This one will definitely be going in the store too.  It is slightly too large for my head, but other than that it is in perfect conditioning.  It needs a little reshaping, and is definitely for someone with a larger head than I have, but it has an adorable butterfly embellishment on it.  How can you resist that?
This hat is made of velvet and satin, and is in gorgeous condition, other than the fact that the netting has been shredded.  It is a little big for me, but I am working with it, so I think I might keep it.
This 50s/60s? veil netting is in perfect condition, I just really the hate these type of hats look on me, so this ones heading to the store.  Its a really pretty color though.  It almost matches the suit.
This hat was my favorite find of the day.  Did I say that about another hat already? I can't remember.  It's just gorgeous.  Perfect condition, netting is fabulous, and look at those feather colors.  How many outfits will this hat go with, seriously:D is a sneak preview of the beautiful 50's wedding dress I found.  The lace is all intact, and it is tea length and includes a veil.  However, it has a 23 inch yeah, I'll be surprised if anyone will actually be able to fit into it.


Solanah said...

Oh I am way in love with the fourth hat, so 40s! Lucky find :) If you sell it let me know!


Justice Pirate said...

These hats are so adorable!!