Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Little Long Post and some talk about TV shows

 I meant to do this blog post last week, since the pictures are, ya know, from last week.  But laziness ensued and now I am getting to it.  So, vintagey blog first, then serious talk about tv shows at the end.

Last week, I finally tried something different with my hair besides pin curls.  They do get rather tedious and tiresome after a while.  I don't know if I am doing something wrong or if it just really takes and hour+ to set them each night, but my arms hurt dang it.  So, I only did half of my hair in pin curls, and the rest I did in small little victory type curls I guess I would say.  I still am not sure if I actually like the results or not.  And I know they are a little uneven, and I still need practice, but what say you readers? 

Also last weekend, the youth theater in Marysville put on a production of Guys and Dolls, aka my favorite musical ever, might even be in my top 3 movies.  Literally, I watch this movie once per every dress I make.  That's how much I love this movie.  I'm sorry, but how can you not like a movie that has these two lines:

                       -Sky Masterson: "I am not putting the knock on dolls. It's just
                                                 that they are something to have around only when
                                                 they come in handy... like cough drops."

                       -Sarah Brown: "That bacardi flavor, it crtainly makes a difference,
                                                doesn't it?"
                        Sky Masterson: "Oh, yeah. Nine times out of ten."
                       Sarah Brown: "You know, this would be a wonderful way to get 

                                              children  to drink milk!"

So, of course I was analyzing absolutely everything.  So excuse my bluntness on all critiques.  I know people are going to be doing it to me in a few weeks with Godspell.  Well, for one the costumes..some were great, some not so much.  The ladies did sport some fabulous 50's hats, but the dresses were all over the place.  Some looked authentically fabulously 50's...others looked like they got them at the grab bin at the local 99 cent store.  And don't even get me started on Sarah Brown's outfit.  She wore a suit, which is fine, but to have the skirt fit just above the hip bones is not.  At least the guys all wore fedoras.  The acting and singing, though, was spot on.
My award for best singer goes actually to the kid who played Nicely Nicely Johnson.  He had the first note, and the moment he opened his mouth to sing I was totally in love.  It was heavenly.

Best actors were definitely the two lesser leads: Nathan Detroit and Miss Adelaide.  They were just fabulous, especially Miss Adelaide.  The two leads who played Sky Masterson and Sarah Brown were just kind of blah.  Not much stage presence.  Especially Sky.  He should command the stage, and he just, hmm... did not.  I know its not really fair to compare anyone to Marlon Brando, but when watching the movie, you just cannot help but keep your eyes glued on him.
The dancing and choreography was just lovely too. And side note, the dress Miss Adelaide at the end of the movie is my dream wedding dress...ya know, if that ever happens to me someday:D
Isn't it just a dream?  Well, to me it is.

Well, those of you who have been following my updates of Godspell rehearsals, it is actually going pretty good.  The weekend of the performance is August 20th.  We started adding choreography to a few dances and everyone does a pretty good job of acting without the scripts in front of them.  However, it didn't hit me until just now that we only have 3 weeks.  Ahh....

So other than working my part time job, and sewing, and rehearsals, I've just been watching a lot of TV.  And almost all of the shows are imported from other countries.
Sadly Doctor Who has ended for another year.  It ended a few weeks ago, but we got behind and just watched the last episode a few days ago.  And, I hate to say it, but I think Matt Smith is my favorite doctor....Ahh, there I said it, all you purists who think no one can top David Tennant.  I love everything about Matt Smith's version of the Doctor, down to his bow tie.  How about you all who also watch Doctor Who.  Thoughts on this season?

And sadly, my mother and I finally caught up on season 2 of Merlin finally.  Sad face.  I love that show so much.  Colin Morgan, who plays Merlin is one of the most charming and talented actors I've seen on tv.  Plus it has Anthony Stewart Head, who we all know and love from his years on Buffy, right?  You can't really go wrong with this show.

Two fabulous shows done for the year, what's a girl to do to get her through til September?  Suggestions?  What is everyone else watching?
We just started watching Being Human on BBC.  We've only seen a few episodes, and so far I absolutely love it.  I love that it doesnt focus on sex and who everyone is hooking up, and more on their relationships with each other and how they relate to the world now that they are a ghost, vampire, and werewolf.  I heard that SyFy is remaking this show for American audiences, but I ask why?  Why is that necessary.  I feel like when we try to remake shows from England they lose their charm and quirkiness with the bigger budget and focus more on advertisement support.  And all I have to say is thank goodness for BBC edits.  I know most people complain about them because it is like saying we can't handle the violence and or nudity, but just because I am an adult does not mean I enjoy that sort of thing in all the shows I watch.  Please.  I'd rather see character development.
 The only other show that is getting me through the summer is Degrassi.  I know I know, what is a 23 year old doing watching Degrassi?  I've long grown out of it, but something about it keeps drawing me in.  When I was in high school, for health class, we would watch the original Degrassi show from the 80's, like it was some sort of educational tool or something.  And, when I was a freshman in high school, they brought it back with a new generation.  And, that generation is gone and now it is a whole new slew of kids.  Degrassi is different from stupid shows like Gossip Girl or 90210.  All those shows focus on is who is hooking up with who, which scandal can out scandal the top scandal, etc...and the kids are all too rich and spoiled for their own good, without decent parental influences.  I hate it, and I hate that a generation of kids is growing up watching that crap and aspiring to be like those characters, when I grew up watching fabulous shows like Avonlea, Ocean Girl, 7th Heaven (when it was good), etc.  But Degrassi is about normal kids, who don't look like models, who may not have the most perfect teeth or skin, and who deal with real problems.
 Those of you who watch Degrassi and aren't ashamed, who are your favorite characters this season?  My absolute favorite characters of the entire 10 seasons, except for Spinner, Sean, and Jay, are Declan and Fiona.  I think they did such a good job at casting them, I would believe that they are related in some way.  I think its the eyes maybe.  I just find their characters, their behaviors, and their intense, distorted relationship with each othejust so interesting.  I like dissecting my characters if you can't tell:D 
Although, I am kind of digging Eli and Clare together as well.  Super cute and quirky.
Welp, that's all I have to say for now.  I know I write so much.  I need to start a tv show blog separate from my vintage blog, lol.


Anonymous said...

I did it. I've finally left you a comment! Yeah for me. Thanks for the Guys and Dolls review. Really enjoyed your thoughts.

The Long & Winding Bobbin said...

The hair is lovely! great job :-)