Sunday, June 12, 2011

And I'm Back (again)/Giveaway Winner

Why hello there Dear Blog Readers!
Well, my brand new computer that I got at the beginning of May absolutely refused to load anything for the last month.  Yep.  So I was stuck without a computer again.  Boo.  I hate electronics so much.  But last week, my neighbor's totally awesome son came over and fixed it in like 2 seconds.  I hate people that are freaky computer geniuses (not really).  So I have A LOT of blog readinng to catch up on and new posts to create now that I am up and running!  Starting with....the winner of my blog giveaway from like 2 months ago lol.
And the winner is: Mouse in a Blouse.  Yay!!  Email me your shipping information at: tennisfan05[at]gmail[dot]com.

This is the dress I wore today at Church.  I made it last year from actual vintage fabric.  And yay, the sun is shining!


Stephanie Lynn said...

I love your outfit! And I'm super excited that you are back.

Mouse in a Blouse said...

WOW that's me! I'm so excited!!! I'm going to email you now. Aside from that- I LOVE that dress! So cute on you, and the shoes look really cute, too :)

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

you look so beautiful!!! love this look on you.