Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Estate Sale Experience

Well, I am on an email list for estate sales in my area, and I finally got a notice about one that had vintage clothes...yay!  Needless to say, I was super excited and determined to go, however, it was 2 hours away in a town I have never even driven through before.  I actually talked my mom and dad into going with.  I didn't think that they would but they did, thank goodness, or else I probably would have been either a. lost, or b. too shy to go in by myself...if you know me, you understand why I say that.  But we got there and it was this tiny little modular home, and I was thinking, "oh great.  we wasted all this time driving just to be disappointed."  However, when we finally got in, I was pleasantly surprised.  They didn't have a super ton of vintage clothing, but they did have a nice selection of 50's-60's coats (my favorite was the 100% cashmere coat with mink collar for $25.00) and a few 1930's sewing patterns.  When we were leaving, we were talking to the lady who was running the sale about how I love vintage clothing and sewing, and she told us about a flea market that was in the same city going on today too....we had to go!  It was mandatory.  So we did.  She also told us about a few estate sales coming up that are going to have huge quantities of vintage clothing, but they are even further away, so my mother and I are already making plans to take off work and go up for the friday it starts.  We are both becoming serious vintage shoppers and I would love for this to be a permanent part of my in jobwise- so yeah, stay tuned for a post about what I have been thinking about doing with my life lately, coming up soon...and please forgive the following pictures for lack of makeup, lack of cute hair, and over all frumpy look.  I started out the day looking fresh, with perfect makeup and bouncy hair, but by the end of the day walking outside in the dust  and sun...well, you can see the results.
Men's Pendleton shirt...I plan on altering it since it was too cute to pass up
Also a man's hat...(1940's)I tried to get my dad to buy this for himself because, wouldn't he look just dapper and handsome in it? But sadly, it was too small, so I had to buy it.  Wouldn't you?
One of two 1950's/60's coat...I don't know how to pinpoint eras for coats yet, so if anyone knows more than me, please comment!  I love the buttons on this one.
My favorite cashmere coat.  Isn't the detailing in it just fabulous?  It is super soft.
A 1940's tailor jacket.  I believe this jacket is demanding a skirt, and I think it prefers a 6 Gore look for that soon:D
Random jewelery...they had a good selection of screw back earrings and clip on ones.  Does anyone know which type are older, or does it really just depend.  Comment if you know:D  The two compacts I got at the flea market.
2 patterns that are not in my size at all, but they were from the 1930's so I couldn't pass them up.  They look pretty straightforward and streamline, so hopefully they are not too hard to alter...I hope

So, we went to the flea market, and it was almost as big as the one we go to normally each month, but I felt severely overdressed.  I know from pictures I've seen from other bloggers, it doesn't matter where you go, you wear vintage....and I'm still getting used to this.  Like, for example, there are certain places I will always wear vintage, and other places where I usually don't.  Well, I wore vintage today (specifically, my suspender skirt I made and talked about in this post) to go to the estate sale, but obviously the flea market wasn't in the original plans, so I felt super over dressed.  And, boy oh boy, did people stare at me.  I don't think I went down one aisle where somebody in a booth didn't stare at me...and I wasn't the only one who noticed.  My mom did too, and there was a couple of girls who started laughing and my mom wanted to go over there and punch them...not literally, she would never ever do something like that (I feel like I had to clarify that for those that don't know us).  But still, it made me really self conscience and then I just got mad.  I don't think I have ever been around a group of ruder people before  Still not as bad as girl at dinner during my birthday, but still.  I would have thought they had better things to do than worry about what I was wearing.  Ohio obviously isn't as forgiving with what people wear as they are in like Oregon, or Washington.  But honestly isn't it better that I am over dressed than say, for example, wear my dang pajamas to the grocery store.  Whoever said that was okay and acceptable needs to be shot.  Grrr... We didn't find very much since it didn't have the super nice quality things that our flea market has, but I did find a few hats and vintage compacts.
Welp, that's it for now. Until next time,

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Congratulations on the very nice acquisitions.