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Plans for the next Few Weeks

Jeez Louise, I have gotten into a habit of only writing once a week.  That is terribly boring of me and I really don't have an excuse other than laziness, which I catch all the time.  This past week I made a pair of high waisted shorts and a blouse.  I also went to a bridal shower for a girl who was my very first best friend.  It was one of those things where, our parents were good friends when we were babies and we "played" with each other in the church nursery and we have remained friends throughout the years.  My mom and I are going to have dinner with her and her mom tomorrow so hopefully I will remember to take pictures to share! 

I have also gotten several fabric arrivals this week. Yay! I love getting things in the mail even if I was the one that ordered them.  So today, after the bridal shower, I laid out all of the fabric I have gotten and matched them up with the pattern and took pictures so I remember.  And guess what.  They are going to take over this blog post so you know what I am going to be working on for the next few, more like for the next few months more likely:D  Oh and before I forget, I decided upon a camera.  I am going to get a Canon Rebel Xs.  Unless someone tells me not to get that camera because it is horrid, that is the one I have chosen. And, I will have enough money for it by the end of the week.  I am beyond thrilled! And, I found out which part I got in Godspell.  I am going to be playing Peggy...which I was secretly hoping I would get, because she sings my absolute favorite song in the play: By My Side.  I couldn't be more thrilled.  So come see the show at the end of August, 'kay!

and the last
Thats it.  And some of them are more urgent than others...I have a timeline for things I want to wear on certain occasions, so those must be finished first.

And here is the point in my post where if you don't like Glee or haven't caught up and care about spoilers, you can stop reading.  But, if you do like Glee, are caught up, or like to read what I write about Glee even if you never watch it, by all means continue reading.
So Jesse St. James.  You know I love his character, right?  Especially his hair.  I have a hardcore love affair with his hair.  I also love Glee.  I did not however, love this past week's episode: "Funk".  But before I talk about this episode, let me first back track and discuss briefly the episode from 2 weeks ago, aka the Lady Gaga episode.  So, they switched the airing of the Lady Gaga episode and Funk, for award season reasons.  Grr, so a lot of things didn't make sense in either episode.  In the Lady Gaga episode, Rachel finds out that Shelby is her mother.
This is a really great moment and the two try to form a bond but it does not really work out.  Neither of them really feel any connection.  You know what, that's fine.  But it would have been nice to have seen it progress over a few episodes before they decided it is not going to work out.  They can not decide in one episode (about 1 week in real time) that they can not have a relationship.  Did they expect to click right away?  No.  These things take time and work.  And I cannot believe, that Shelby who went through a lot to get Rachel to find her(I mean she sent Jesse St. James to seduce her own daughter for goodness sakes) would not want to try harder.  I just don't believe it.  Case #1 that Glee needs to get better writers. Overall, though, I liked Theatricality a lot.  There were a lot of funny moments (Tina pretending to be an Asian vampire, lol), a lot of poignant moments (Puck singing Beth to Quinn, Kurt's father defending him....again), although I have to say Lady Gaga songs are not my favorite, I did love the KISS songs.  So onto the next episode, Funk.  Basically in this episode, Shelby does not even acknowledge that Rachel and she met each other, showing that the episodes were aired out of order.  Because you know Shelby would have been mad as hell if she had found out that Vocal Adrenaline had egged her daughter.  No way would they have egged her if they had known she was her daughter, which they should have the way the episodes aired. And that brings me to Jesse St. James. we find out in Dream On that Shelby had sent Jesse St. James to Rachel to befriend her, which he took to mean seduce her, lol, and that he was actually starting to like her.  I mean, proof is in the way he reacted to the Run, Joey Run video fiasco a while back.  As I wrote a while back, he was genuinely hurt that she used him to gain more of a bad reputation.  There was no acting going on there.  And we are led to believe their relationship just gets stronger after that as we heard in Dream On.  I mean, he leads her to her mom by planting that tape in her Rachel shrine box.  I don't think a mean, cold hearted person would do something like that, even if he was told to.  And, he tells her he forgives her So we are left with that and the next time we see him is in Funk (all of his scenes were cut out of Theatricality "Lady Gaga episode" because of continuity issues with being switched...grr those scenes better be on the dvd).  In Funk, there is no leading up to his abrupt change.  At the beginning of the episode even, he is back with Vocal Adrenaline, no explanation other than New Directions was being mean to him and weren't taking his advice....uh, what?  Really.  Just like that he is back with Vocal Adrenaline and breaks up with Rachel and becomes a complete prat.  That is bad BAD writing.  Even if he was just pretending, he was with those kids in New Directions for a few months it seems, and even became friends with them.  And then for him to act like that at the drop of a hat.  I do NOT believe it.  Hear that Ryan Murphy.  I am not even going to remember these scenes ever happening because they are so out of character for my beloved Jesse St. James.  At the beginning of the episode, they have Jesse St. James and Vocal Adrenaline taking over the stage at McKinnley High and performing Another One Bites the Dust.  Good God, is his hair spot on in this episode.  The curls, the shape...mmm I love it all.  So anyways they perform that hot number, great vocals, though not their best performance by a long shot.  But it got Jonathan Groff to sing again, so yay. 
At the end of the performance, girl on right is thinking "why yes, I am a skank ho and ridiculously too old looking to be in high school" and Jesse St. James is thinking "why yes I am this ridiculously good looking and talented".  Skank ho girl totally disses the New Directions stage and the rest of the group agrees, but Jesse St. James has this look on his face that says he is going to say he agrees and go along with everyone else on the outside, but deep inside he doesn't agree and is not that mean of a person.

This episode also sees the return of Terri Schuester.  Bleh.  Okay, so I don't normally advocate for divorce.  In fact, I do not believe in divorce at all, but I was hardcore rooting for Will and her to divorce.  She honestly has to be the most dishonest and unbearable woman on tv, and it was time for her to go.  Hopefully the divorce finalization in this episode marks the last time we will ever have to bare witness to her character. Bleh.

There are some really great performances in this episode, save for one.  When Quinn performs It's a Man's Man's Man's World, it honestly has to be the weirdest performance I've ever seen on Glee.  Atleast she finally looks pregnant, but having about 5 other pregnant teens as back up singers singing about how hard it is for them is just odd, and almost promoting that teen pregnancy is not anything to be concerned about (though one could argue that it is a positive note they did not choose abortion).  And the lamaze breathing beat going on in the background was just...hmm...disturbing? weird? unnecessary? take your pick.  I don't care to ever see a performance like this again.

And then in the last few moments of the show, once again we are forced to witness character assassination of Jesse St. James as he calls Rachel and tells her to meet her outside.  When I first saw this and did not know what what was going to happen, I was thinking "okay, they are going to make up and he's going to go back to being his normal, slightly over dramatic but caring hot self".  But no.  I got my hopes up for nothing.  He calls her to ask her to meet him out in the parking lot.  He lures her out there and all of Vocal Adrenaline is out there and they throw eggs at her, and all I can think of is that awful scene in Never Been Kissed when Drew Barrymore is waiting to be picked up at the prom and her date shows up to throw eggs at her.  Its awful and humiliating, and I can't bare to watch it.  Jesse St. James does say he loved her and that she broke his heart...but no, writers- were you watching the same show I was, because I saw him forgive her in Dream On...or was that just a dream?  It must have been just a dream since he seems to forget ever saying that now.  He then smashes an egg on her head...I do not believe he doesn't love her, or at least like her, even if he was still feeling resentment at being used by her, you do not do that to someone you once had a relationship, even if it was a contrived one.  He would still have some type of feelings for her.  It's too mean.  The Jesse St. James I know and love would never ever do something like that.  Actions like that are beneath him. Therefore, I choose to disregard anything to do with Jesse St. James in this episode and will pretend it is someone else doing these despicable actions anytime I watch this episode from now on.  So there.

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