Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Glee Comes to a Close for the Summer

Well, first off, I feel like such a lazy blogger.  I barely have written anything interesting in several weeks, and this one is not going to be much different.  I did some fun things this weekend, but surprise, I forgot to bring my camera, so not one photo memory.  But, in exciting news, for me atleast, I bought a new camera today.  And it was not a Canon Rebel like I had planned.  I got to Best Buy and had this awesome guy helping me who really knew, or atleast seemed like he knew what he was talking about.  I still got a DSLR camera, but I ended up with a Nikon D3000.  It was a very good deal, because it came with a camera bag and two different lenses.  So expect better pictures from now on.  Yay!  These are my favorite ones from just fooling around with it tonight
Amazingly awesome right.  They are so clear and crisp and true to life I was giddy all night.  Yep, so I'm happy for now.

This past weekend, was super busy.  For someone who never has something to do, I was exhausted by Sunday.  So, Friday night I went to a bridal shower slumber party for my friend Lauren.  I hope she doesn't mind me writing about her...its all good things I swear:D  So, Lauren is getting married in July and if I was in her position, I would be super stressed and probably act like a freaking dictator to everyone, but not her.  She is so happy go lucky  and seemingly unstressed, I can't believe it.  Not at all like the bridezillas you see on tv.  I hope when I am in her position one day that I can be as calm and happy.  So, we carpooled together since it was at a hotel...which, btw good place for a bridal shower slumber party...I'm just saying.  The next day was our 5th year high school reunion.  Lauren talked me into going, because I was not going to even think about it.  I just never did things like that in high school.  I was kind of a loner and a loser and was never a joiner.  If this tells you anything, I was voted most shy, lol.  So it was totally not me to decide to go, but I did.  I was really concerned about what to wear because I only got into vintage a few months ago.  I didn't exactly wear it in high school. And lets be honest, you have to be a pretty strong and courageous person to wear vintage all the time, even to casual places, which I am not.  I still am pretty shy about it.  I hope you don't get me wrong and believe that I am embarrassed by my clothing choices, because I'm not.  And I don't know why I still let what other people think bother me, but I do.  So  I wore a not "too" vintage outfit: My pair of navy blue high waisted pleated shorts and white and red dotted swiss top...neither of which have I taken a picture of...and of course I forgot a camera this entire weekend, so it can't be documented.  Boo on me.  I went to the reunion with Lauren, her fiance, and her best friend.  We didn't stay super long because it was at an outside bar and it started to storm.  It was funny how the cliques from high school pretty much remained the same at the reunion.  I only talked to about 6 people, 3 of which I went with.  We decided to go back to Laurens house to play Balderdash, which I do not recommend playing sober.  It is much more fun and interesting while drinking...I'm just saying.  Another friend showed up too, so we had a nice little group.  I am complete and utter rubbish at that game.  I suck at making up answers to the questions that seem legit and I always have a hard time keeping my face straight while my answer is being read...However, I do love games.  No one in my family plays games with me.  Anytime we have a family dinner, everyone eats and then leaves thats it.  We maybe see each other 1 hour tops.  Everyone else I know always does fun things with their family like play games or watch movies, but our family? Nope.  I think I am going to make it mandatory to play a game from now on...though I think I may be shot down on that request.  So after the game, we talked for way too long, which was just lovely.  I haven't just talked about random things like that in so long, it was nice to get some things out in the open that you just can't talk about with family.  Honestly it felt like word vomit the amount I was talking.  I hope Lauren doesn't think I am a complete and utter scatterbrain, lol.  So, when I finally realized it was past 4, it was time to go home.  I've never been out that late before.  I try to be a pretty responsible person, I never go out and party.  I mean, my idea of a crazy night it going out to dinner and ordering a drink, so to stay out that late was quite an accomplishment for me.  And I know, I'm an adult and I don't need to be in by a certain time, but I do still live at home with people who go to bed at 10 and dogs who like to bark at everything.  I must have had some sort of awesome sneaky superhero powers that night, because the dog who sleeps down stair barks at everything, and I mean everything.  Honestly, if he saw a piece of paper flying around he would probably bark at it.  But he didn't and I snuck in and went straight to sleep.  And my crazy mother came into my room way too freaking early asking me if I was going to church and all I could think was "no you insane person, please go away and leave me be".  I think God will forgive me for not going one week, especially since I normally end up going to 2 services each week because of teaching Sunday School and singing in chancel choir.  And I felt like complete and utter crap the rest of the day.

And now comes to the part where I write my final entry about glee for this season.  I know that Glee is not vintage related at all, and some vintage bloggers freak out when you write about something completely out of the genre of vintage, but I heart Glee so much, I love writing about it.   I honestly would like to know do my loyal readers like to read what I write about Glee or not?  Do you like Glee, but not like what I write, not like Glee but like to read what I read, apathetic,...what?  I want to know.  Please comment so I can plan for next season.

Fair Warning...Spoilers abound 

Well, after having a slightly uneven first season, Glee ended a heck of a closer.  I loved almost every moment of it.  And you know why this episode worked?  Because it had a tight narrative, with a beginning, middle and end, and no real message to shove down our throats.  I feel like the last few episodes have been so concerned about making the story line fit the song theme rather than fitting the songs within the storyline and also having each episode have a message..bleh. Glee is not really a serious show.  It is escapism and I don't want to have some learning message shoved down our throat each week.

So, anyways, it starts out where New Directions finds out that Sue is a judge at regionals and they feel hopeless.  They don't even know what songs to pick for their set list at Regionals.  Okay, those of you who were/are in showchoir, don't you learn your song and dance numbers at the beginning of each season and practice that to perform at each competition instead of learning new songs each week?  Well, whatever, they can't decide and apparently Rachel leaves early, but we don't see that.  The next day, we finally get some Will and Emma interaction after leaving us high and dry with them for a few weeks now.  Emma has apparently kicked her Will crush to the curb and is now dating her dentist; her dentist who is now going to be played next season by none other than Uncle Jesse. Woohoo.  John Stamos, I heart you.  And, I think everyone should love Emma purely for her adorable clothing style.  She is so cute and quirky it almost reminds me of Pushing Daisies.
Then we get a Finn and Rachel moment.  Finn gets mad at Rachel for leaving early and she says something along the lines of "you're right Finn, I've been a fool, please save me from myself by kissing me", but before Finn can see what Rachel is really saying, she kisses him instead.  I don't know how I feel about this.  I know Rachel and Finn are a core couple in Glee, but what about some of the other people who have been together for way longer like poor Tina and Artie who never get any love?  Do people like Finn and Rachel together?  Well, you know my first choice is Jesse for Rachel, but that obviously isnt happening now.  Jesse did good things for Rachel, calmed her down a little, and when Rachel was briefly with Finn it didnt do anything good for her intense personality.  And, doesn't it always seems like the Finn and Rachel show?  It does to me, and also Finn never wants Rachel until she is unavailable....I don't know...I'm conflicted about them. 

Well, some other things happen, blah blah blah, they chose their set list of Journey songs, blah blah blah, Finn tells Rachel he loves her before they go out on stage and they finally perform.  I liked all of their performances.  I love Journey, and I like what Glee does with their songs.  I think I might have liked Faithfully more than Don't Stop Believin', though it was nice to hear the new rendition with Puck and Santana singing a verse.  What does everyone think of skanky Santana's voice.  It is definitely different from the normal pop voice, but I'm still not sold on it.

After their performance Quinn's mom finally shows up after about 6 months to try to reunite with her daughter.  I say too little too late.  The baby is about due, and she should have left her husband along time ago.  I discussed a few posts back my issues with Quinn's family and they still remain.  And then, Quinn's water conveniently breaks and they have to rush her to the hospital, but I quit complaining here because we get 5 and a half minutes of pure joy: A.  We get Jesse St. James singing the entire song with Vocal Adrenaline singing back up, B. It gets rid of Quinn's pregnancy storyline in that amount of time by not focusing solely on it and C.  We get to see JGroff for the last time on Glee and it basically uninterrupted pure eye candy.

So, during Bohemian Rhapsody, it is basically the Jesse St. James show, with Vocal Adrenaline assisting him.  Honestly, though, do we care about vocal adrenaline without Jonathan Groff there?  I certainly don't.  Though I hear rumor that they want him back sometime next year...perhaps as an assistant coach since Shelby is going to be busy with baby duty...yes?
 And for the last time, I am in love with his hair.  I thought his hair was as close to perfection as it could get, but I was seriously mistaken.  It is in this episode where his hair is as close to perfect as it can get.  The curl, the shape...gah. I just am in love. Honestly, sometimes I feel like a 13 year old school girl with an inappropriate crush on a Broadway star, but I don't even care.  He is so talented and lovely it is worth it.  And you know what made me love him even more?  I found out that he learned to play the piano part for real for this song and he doesn't play piano.  That impresses me to no end.  I mean, I've been playing the piano now for about 18 years and I still have problems with sight reading, and for him to learn to play an instrument without having any basic knowledge of what the keys are called, etc.  Wow!  And then, to top it off, I learn that he is not a trained dancer.  Not a trained dancer?  If I hadn't heard it directly from him, I would have said someone was making it up.  Especially after his pas de deux dance in bad reputation that I wrote about a while ago.  He just carries himself like a dancer, not to mention his skill with the lifts.  His talent and gifts just keeps coming and coming.

So, Bohemian Rhapsody was a masterpiece for Glee and Jonathan.  There is really no other way to say it.  The singing, the choreography, the costumes, the dancing, the editing.  Really, they deserved to win first.  I'm sorry, New Directions, you know I love you, but Vocal Adrenaline really kicked your butt at regionals, because you know...they actually told a story with their song and dancing, and they danced instead of doing random turns and moving in place.  New Directions...Will Schuester...take note....more dancing, less rapping.

Quinn has the baby by the end of the song, with fabulous splicing through out the entire song with geniously synchronized screaming from Quinn and singing from Jesse St. James.  And then that is practically the last time we see baby Beth, except for when Shelby takes her home from the hospital.  Did she really deserve the baby after what she put Rachel through?  I don't know.  But, it was quite convenient and I hope it means the return of Idina and Jonathan so I won't complain.
After losing a regionals the kids have lost hope since they know that Glee club will be closed, and they go around the circle saying what Glee club meant to them and what Will means to them.
 They continue to sing a lovely rendition of To Sir, With Love and Tina wears an adorable hat and they all cry very real convincing tears.  But then, Sue puts up a fight and we learn that she voted tops for New Directions at regionals and she gets the Glee club another year to prove their worth.  I really hope this doesn't mean she won't be mean next year.  She is so funny and it would not be the same and I hate it when ice queens melt.  It is too cliche, even for Glee.

 The very last scene is quite lovely.  Mr. Schue lets the kids know that Glee club gets another year and then sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow with Puck.  I adore this song and this scene.  You know how some songs you will always be reminded of something everytime you hear it.  This songs will always and forever remind me of 50 First Dates, one of the few chick flicks I actually like.  This song and scene is just so intimate and quiet, it is a nice way to go out this season.

Did anyone watch the Tony Awards on Sunday.  It is the only awards show I watch in its entirety.  I didn't even know Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele from Glee were going to perform, but it was a welcome surprise.  However, I was kind of disappointed.  I thought Matt sounded great and I liked the song, and the guy has seriously awesome dance moves.  Lea Michele, on the other hand, sounded kinda horrible.  I know she can sing live pretty dang awesome, just from hearing the Glee concerts and Spring Awakening performances online.  But she just sounded really strained, almost sounded as if she was shouting and not singing, and just looked really angry.  I was kind of sad about that.  One shining note was that as she was coming down the isle she did sit on Jonathan Groffs lap for a bit.  That was adorable, especially since they are like best friends in real life.  I hearted that moment:D
 Well, that is it for now.  We were supposed to go to Put in Bay tomorrow with the whole family, but it is supposed to rain so we canceled.  Then they decided to all go to Olive Garden, which I can go to since they changed the time to earlier.  Then I have musical rehearsal at 7...so yeah.....hmmm.  I guess its a day full of sewing then singing tomorrow....til next time

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