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Glee: I have a love hate relationship with thee part 5

Well, yesterday was a lovely day.  It was the extravaganza at the flea market this weekend, so it had double the amount of booths there than normal.  And boy did I score some amazing things: about 20 40's-50's patterns, several hats, earrings, a 60's luggage set and more.  I don't think my feet have ever hurt as much as they do now. no pictures or more information about that today.  That will be tomorrow when I am more rested (hopefully).  So I'm afraid its a few more Glee posts to tide you over.  And without further ado:
My favorite episode this season, Bad Reputation.  Oh Bad Reputation, where do I even begin with you?  There is not one thing I don't like about you, except for perhaps the pointless Olivia Newton John cameo.  Really?  Why was she even on?  Someone please explain, because all she got to say was a list of all her credentials, like we didn't have a clue who she was.  Really?  Do people younger than me not know Grease?
I don't believe that.  And she was also probably one of the only celebrity guest stars who didn't make sense.  I mean, come one, her daughter saw Sue's video recreation of Physical music video online?  Plot device only and you failed, but that is the only bad thing about this episode.  For sake of time, lets only focus on Run Joey Run and Total Eclipse of the heart, because lets be honest, those were the best things about this episode, except for maybe Emma calling Will a slut about 50 times in front of the faculty.  Way to go Emma for calling Will out because he really has turned into a man whore these past episodes.
Okay, so the premise of this episode is that someone has create a Glist- a list of all the Glee club kids and given them points based basically on how promiscuous they are.  And poor Rachel doesn't even rank.  In fact she is in the negative numbers.  I'm not sure why she's upset though.  She should be proud for not being a skanky skank.  But if you know anything about Rachel Berry it is that she must be at the top of everything, so she must fix this.  So the rest of the episode ensues and she tries to get a bad reputation.  To do this she decides to make a video for the horrendously bad story song "Run Joey Run" by David Geddes.  Rachel enlists Puck to help her with the video, and we first see him in her room trying on a Phantom mask and looking too ridiculously good looking for his own good.

No one should look that hot in a freaking phantom mask.  It just is not allowed.  So, some antics ensue, he tries to pressure Rachel to cheat on Jesse St. James because it will help boost her bad reputation.
Puck- you know I love you, because honestly, do you know of any girl does not automatically fall for the dark and brooding conflicted manly type?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  But, you DO NOT pressure Rachel to cheat on Jesse St. James.  Not cool Puck, not cool.  Because we still do not know what Jesse St. James' intentions are.  Is he a mole?  Is he serious about Rachel?  Or is he there for some completely other reason we have yet to know of yet.  I personally think he was originally supposed to get close to Rachel for some other reason but not to steal secrets, but now has permanently and irrevocably fallen in love with her.  So no cheating, Rachel.  But she does convince Puck to help her make the video, but it turns out completely not what we expected
(Glee Video of Run Joey Run).  First off, this is probably the best actual music video that Glee has done yet, except for Total Eclipse of the Heart, which will be discussed further down.  It starts out and basically continues being horrendously cheesy with Brittany and Santana in angel costumes and then we see Puck as Joey and Rachel as Julie, both completely and hilariously overacting, and both looking very fab.

So, the first verse finishes, and Julie continues bemoaning the fact that her dad found out about them and is perturbed and Joey needs to stay away because her father has a gun.
 But then, Joey turns stupid and hops in his car for Julie anyway, but wait, look, Puck is no longer playing Joey.  In fact, Jesse St. James is.  Way to pull a sneaky switcheroo on us there, Rach.  So now, Jesse St. James as Joey is completely and ridiculously hot in his white-T and leather jacket, he is definitely channeling a James Dean look.

See the similarities?  Any similarity to James Dean, and I have to automatically like the person.  So Joey hops out of the car ever so graceful and run towards Julie who looks like a crumpled mess.  Julie's dad, played by Sandy something or other and used to be a teacher at their school before being fired, does this hilarious and creepy dance as he sneaks up behind the two lovers with a gun, and Jesse St. James quick reaction to that dance is worth a repeat look at because it is perfection.
He's totally all like WTF is that.  Julie yells "watch out" and steps in front of Joey to protect him and then, look Jesse St. James is no longer Joey, Finn is.
And then the final individual walks of all three guys walking down the hall as Joey could not have been shot any better because it really captures each guy's differences.  So, we have Puck first, who is a football player and kind of just mean (in a charming way) who walks down the hall all confident and manly and macho.
And then we have Jesse St. James, who, as I said before, is a star and glides down the hall very graceful and poised and with perfected posture.
And then we have poor Finn.  Finn is like a lost puppy, beaten, or like a deer caught in the headlights.  He just always has this dumb and completely lost look on his face, like he is never really sure what is going on around him.  He walks down the hall quite clumsily and uncoordinated.  Perfection.
So now, Rachel not only used Puck and Jesse St. James in her quest to get a bad reputation, but she also pulls poor Finn in too.  The look on Jesse St. James' face progression during the entire video is undeniable.
At first he is excited because he thinks the video is just of him and Rachel.
But then when he sees that not only is Puck in it, but Finn as well, he's just mad, while Rachel is thrilled with how the video came out.  It honestly looks and sounds like he is hurt, taken aback, and furious that he was triple case with Puck and Finn to be her love interest in the video.  In fact, so do the other two boys. Jesse St. James honestly that good of an actor and is still really pretending to like Rachel, or is he really in love.  As I said before, in my own hopeful and jealous heart, I really and honestly believe he likes Rachel and is not using her to spy on New Directions like we were first led to believe.
So, after this debacle, Jesse St. James seems truly mad and leaves.  And then we have some other exchanges, interludes, find out who made the Glist, which leads us to the final interaction between Jesse St. James and Rachel which is also perfection.  So little Miss Rachel royally screwed up.  She had a good thing going with Jesse St. James and because she was more concerned about how others perceive her than her relationship with someone who actually cares about her (because Jesse St. James, I trust you, please don't fail me) and it bit her in the butt.  He tells her he broke her heart and warns her that if they end up at the same barre in ballet club that she should do her arabesques and piques in silence.
I don't really feel too sorry for her.  Did she honestly not think it was going to make Jesse St. James mad?  Well, at that moment I don't really care because you hear those first few notes of Total Eclipse of the Heart start to play and you know it is going to be a hot, passionate moment.  So, it starts off in Glee Club and Rachel singing with all three boys doing the "Turn around"'s,
but then it quickly moves to Ballet Club with Jesse and Rachel and awesomeness ensues.
His previous warning obviously didn't work because they are paired together for their pas de deux.
 And we are never really made sure if this is all going on in Rachel's head a la Like a Virgin, or if it is really happening and Rachel and Jesse St. James are truly having hot, angry ballet passion via that hot and angry pas de deux.  The progression of Jesse St. Jame's expressions are perfection.
Just watch the video and yall will know what I am talking about.  Jesse St. James' voice sounds a little strained which I choose to think is done on purpose because he can't believe that he forced to partner with Rachel when he is so mad at her and his anger is encompassing his voice.  And gosh dang, why did they have to put him in yoga pants?  Where are my man tights I'm used to seeing on male dancers that show off there perfectly sculpted legs, because you know Jesse St. James has them.  He's perfect at everything else, you didn't think he would let his body go to imperfection, did you? Nope.  Didn't think so.  So Rachel continues singing and bemoaning her life, which she totally did to herself, and Jesse St. James just gets madder and madder until the very end where he kind of explodes in song and looks all hot and bothered and leaves poor Rachel alone.  I think the pictures can explain themselves.

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Grease Picture
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So, that's all I have to say about Glee for now.  That is until Tuesday.  Who knows if that episode will take over this episode for being my favorite.  It does have Neil Patrick Harris and Joss Whedon as director, which is always a good thing, and Jesse St. James seems to have an important story line, so I guess we will see if it exceeds expectations or not.
If you are interested in seeing Jonathan Groff outside of Glee, I am linking a few of my favorite videos of him singing.  He does concerts a lot and usually sings Broadway type songs, so ya know, it makes me love him even more.  And he doesn't just sing.  Oh no.  He actually acts out the song, and adorableness ensues.  How can you not love this guy?  He's just a doll.
Try Me- Jonathan Groff-my personal fav
Not While I'm Around- Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele
Larger than Life- Jonathan Groff
Sailing- Jonathan Groff
At Sixteen
Jonathan sings selections from Sound of Music
A Compilation of Spring Awakening Scenes

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