Saturday, May 15, 2010

Glee: I have a love hate relationship with thee part 3

I feel I must warn you, I had no idea I could write so much about Glee, so expect these for the next couple of posts, and then it will be back to vintage. So, while we are on the topic of things I don't like, I all sorts of despise despise DESPISE the auto-tune the producers have a love affair with on Glee.  Look, yes it's nice to hear perfect voices and perfect pitches, but when it is done at the expense of the quality of their voice and I can no longer tell the difference between the singer's voice and the computer because the computer is staring more than the singer's actual voice, I have a problem.  Okay.  I have a big problem, because Britney and Jessica these kids are not.  Most  of them are more talented, albeit, raw talent than most of the pop singers out there who I despise.  Especially poor Finn.
I'm pretty sure Cory Monteith has a halfway decent voice, but you would not know it the way the producers mess with it, and do they honestly think the viewers don't notice, because we do.  Oh.  WE DO.  And if they ever even think of auto tuning Lea Michele or Jonathan Groff, this show is doomed.  Especially with Lea.  This girl has perfect pitch and has one of the clearest voices I have ever heard.  So leave her alone.  I'd rather hear the raw, live, imperfect performances, because honestly, isn't that what this show is about: a Glee Club?  A Glee Club who learn new songs every week and sing live in front of each other to practice. Stop over producing the songs.  Please.  Although the big numbers are nice, like Don't Stop Believin' and Like a Prayer, I like the more intimate songs like Hello, and Sweet Caroline, sung by Jesse St. James and Rachel, and Puck respectively, and they almost sound like live performances.  And shock!!! they sound great.  You are just making more people hate on poor Finn because they do not think he can sing.  However, I know there is a great singer in him somewhere.  Let it come out.  And while we, or actually I, am on the topic of singing and songs, lets have some of the other kids sing.  Rachel- you know I love you and your perfect voice, let's have some of the other poor kids in Glee sing.  And Finn, for that matter.  They both always have the leads.  Quinn and Emma have great sweet sounding voices, Tina has a wonderful alto Broadway style voice, Puck has an excellent raw energy in his rocky voice, Artie has a lovely indie sounding voice, and don't even get me started on Jesse St. James.  Finn complained in the recent episode that Mr. Schue kept giving all of the solos to Jesse St. James and that was why he got mad.  But, have we heard such solos?  Nary a one have we heard.  The closest we got was the emotional and intimate "Hello" in the library when he was not even apart of New Directions (for those not in the know that's the name of the Glee Club), a small bit part in the fabulously campy Run Joey Run video, and Total Eclipse of the Heart (which I will elaborate on more in another post) was all in Rachel's head.  So producers, writers, where are the solos?  I want to hear them.  Nay.  I demand them.  You already have cut two songs from two different episodes that he was the main singer, both completely fabulous: Hello Twelve. Hello Thirteen. Hello Love, and Burning Up.  Shame Shame.  Especially for cutting that fabulous Broadway song.  Glee doesn't do enough Broadway songs as it is, and to find out you cut one that was planned.  Just sad.  I had a sad face on when I found that out and pouted for a little bit.  Just listen to any song he did in Spring Awakening like The Word of Your Bodyand you can tell he is one of the more talented young Broadway stars.  And before people jump on my case about so and so or so and so, I said young, and one of, not the.  So suck it. And now onto my next post in a little bit.  I hope someone is enjoying these.

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