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Glee: I have a love hate relationship with thee part 4

                                                                  Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele, John Gallagher Jr
So, onto my love of Jonathan Groff and Jesse St. James.  Honestly, first of all, I can't help but say his full name every time I talk about him.  Jesse St. James fits him so perfectly.  I could hardly imagine calling him just plain old Jesse.  Jesse sounds like someone's brother, someone's best friend, the neighborly type.  Jesse St. James sounds like a star, which he is.  Even the Vocal Adrenaline coach says so:

So, Jesse St. James, so shall you ever be called Jesse St. James.  And while we are on the topics of shallow things, can we please have a fan base dedicated solely to his hair?
My goodness, his hair is the most beautifully sculpted piece of art I have ever seen.  I'm not sure what happened between Spring Awakening and Glee, but it only did good things for his hair, I assure you.  In Spring Awakening, he still looked like a little boy, not fully mature and his hair followed suit, looking as though he wasn't sure what to do with it.  So it got caught in that shaggy undetermined state.  Yall know what I'm talking about not sure if it wants to grow longer or get cut off.
 The pictures I've seen of him with short hair, he is adorable, but looks like he is still in high school.  But his hair now is just perfect.  It kind of defines him and his character Jesse St. James.  It is so suave and perfected and sculpted that the owner of that hair can not help but exude the calm suave and devious demeanor of Jesse St. James.
So, Jesse St. James.  We are never really sure what he is up to.  When he and Rachel first met, I thought he was just going to use her to steal show secrets from New Directions for his Glee club, Vocal Adrenaline.  Especially after that look he exchanged with Shelby Corcoran, the director of Vocal Adrenaline.
And then there was that amazing Madonna episode, which lets briefly discuss that geniousness. So first, we have the full girl number and they are all sporting fabulously vintage style fingerwaves:
And then a little further into the episode, Sue Sylvester sports a fantastic Lauren Bacall hairstyle:
And then immediately following Sue, they performed that provocative Like A Virgin number.  This is one of the best, carefully choreographed numbers they have produced.  Basically, you have the three virgins:
Rachel                                                            Emma                                            
and Finn
and then we have the three seducers: Jesse St. James, Santana, and Will Schuester
 and then what follows is basically all three doing the exact same choreography while cutting in and out of each couple.  It is fantastic to watch, and sometimes you think you are watching one couple, but then you blink and it is the next couple.
So during this entire sequence I thought Jesse St. James was just using Rachel to sleep with her, like he pressured her to do in the beginning of the episode.
But honestly, he seemed genuinely okay and unperturbed when she did not want to go through with it.  Way to go Rachel.  Way to go Jesse St. James.  Although he did pressure her to come out of the bathroom so that they could sing about it.
Funny, Jesse St. James.  You are funny.

Emma also did not go through with it, which I am so happy that they showed that and didn't make fun of her for it.  I like how they are handling her debilitating illness and handling it with care and not making a joke out of her OCD.  But then, we see Finn and that icky Santana and find out they were the only couple to go through with what they planned.
And I hope Finn feels gross for doing such acts in that yucky motel room with someone he does not have any feelings for whatsoever.  That was a sad decision Finn.  I was a little sad for you.

But then something fantastic happens in this episode.  We see Jesse St. James knock on Mr. Schuester's class door and we are not sure if he is going to tell him that he is still seeing Rachel, or what.
 But we find out he wants to join New Directions because he is transferring schools, and all the Broadway/JGroff fangirls are secretly rejoicing and doing a little happy dance because this means he is here to stay for the long haul.  No one in New Directions, however, is very happy about this though, and Mr. Schue has to convince them that it is a good idea for him to join them.
Rachel seems to be the only excited one, while Finn is beyond jealous and steaming.  You think there is going to be a singoff in the back of the school but Finn mans up and admits defeat and welcomes Jesse St. James to the group.
The episode ends with the fantastic Like a Prayer(music video) (for full song: Like a Prayer).(Jesse St. James sings on the second part of the second verse "it's like a dream") group song they've done since Don't Stop Believin'
And then in the next episode, Home, he didn't have one line to say, and neither did Rachel for that matter, except for the fact that he got to prace around in a hamburger outfit for about 5 seconds.  While not my favorite episode, it does have Kristin Chenoweth back in as that floozy April Rhodes.  Kristin in anything= a good thing!!  Just see Pushing Daisies and you'll know what I mean.
And then onto the next episode in my next post because its going to be long.

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