Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!  Today was a pretty low key day actually, for it being a "holiday".  We went to church.  I wore an outfit I made a while ago but hadn't worn yet.  I also was determined to wear a hat, so I did, all day.  I knew I was going to get stares from that one, though one lovely lady at Kroger told me she loved my whole ensemble...yay, someone has taste at least:D  I just think its funny, because women used to never leave the house without hat on, especially to go to church.  But now, when I wear just a dress to our church, I feel overdressed, let alone when I wear a hat too.
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My family told me they thought I looked Amish, but I liked the hat with dress.  What say you blog readers?  I think they should just be glad I didn't wear the sailory looking hat I have that sits straight up on top of the head:D I'm still getting used to wearing my nice clothes while I cook.  I used to never wear anything nicer than a pair of pajama bottoms and tank top because I was so messy.  Well, I still am pretty messy, but an apron does wonders.  Duh!  Who would have thought?
After church, there was a strawberry festival so we went to that for lunch.  We had a cookout for Father's Day at my cousin's, so I made this flourless brownie with strawberry cool whip on top and raspberries and strawberries.  Basically the only good thing about this dessert concoction were the fruits and cool whip.  I can honestly say I would be okay if I never had a flourless brownie again.  It had the most god-awful texture and taste...bleh.  Not ever again, no sir, thank you very much...though others in my family did like it...However, we have a lot of left overs, so I think they may have been lying to me.  I also don't think they appreciate me taking pictures, but honestly, I love to document everything, even if it is just a simple dinner.  Taking family pictures once a year at Christmas just doesn't cut it for me.  Nope.

This coming week, we finally start acting rehearsals for Godspell.  So far, we have only had singing practices once a week, but now we have 2 days of acting practices as well.  Whew, I am going to be super busy.  Plus, I only have 2 weeks before my family goes on a week long trip to Michigan to visit my Uncle and a lot of my mom's side of the family.  I superly love family vacations, I don't even care where the vacation is at, as long as family is there it is fine with me.  So, I have a buttload of clothes I want to get made before then, so look for clothing posts multiple times the week.  Cheers, until next time

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Flower Girl said...

Awww I'll have to agree with your family on this one. Although the hat is lovely and the dress is superb, they don't really if that hat was as pink as the dress...that would be magic! It was cute anyways though. Keep up your charming style and don't ever think you're over dressed!