Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Case of Spending Too Much Money in One Day. Yikes

Hmm.  I haven't posted in a while, and I truly meant to last weekend, but well, I had someone hack into my account and they closed down my email and my blog while they were trying to figure it out.  Yeah that sucked. And, if you haven't noticed, I added a new background and layout, however, I completely suck at figuring out how to manipulate the html code, so if anyone knows how to change the font color of the side information and how to adjust the right side so the pictures aren't cut off, please let me know... But anyways...

Well, for a day that I had nothing planned to do on, I certainly ended up very busy.  I was scouring Craigslist last night for garage sales like I always do and found one with promises of vintage hats and clothing, so of course I was excited, but I just had to convince my mother to go with me since it was in Columbus near OSU campus, and I never go there without someone.  Of course she loves me so of course she went with me:D  When we got there, I was not very impressed at all.  In fact, all of the clothes might have had a vintage look or feel, but may have been as old as 2000.  Yeah, not impressed, although the sale people were definitely hippies, burning incense, and I wouldn't be surprised if they hadn't smoked some weed about 10 minutes before we arrived.  Wow, that's all I can say about that.  However, they did have one larger 1950's/60's green cashmere coat with mink collar that I got for my store. Yay!  I was sorta bummed that we went all the way into Columbus for that sale, but as soon as we turned onto the main street, I quickly became one very happy camper.  There were 2 vintage stores and an antique mall.  Hold me back!  I have absolutely no control when I see an antique mall; they are such happy places, and this one was kinda large, though not as large as the one we found in Michigan.  I found several awesome things for my store, several things that I had originally meant for my store but mistakenly tried on and I have now claimed them for myself, some awesome hats, and a beautiful 30's powder jar (see pictures below).

The first vintage clothing store we went to was not vintage at all and I care never to go into that store again.  First off, the prices were super high for basically being a second hand store of things from maybe as last as the mid 90's...yuck.  And, I found only one shirtwaist type dress that was completely homemade and definitely not from the 50's or 60's, so I put it back on the rack and walked out.  Bummer.  But then, we went across the street to Mad 4 Mod and they were completely awesome.  I am pretty sure if I lived in downtown Columbus, all of my money would go to either the antique mall or this store.  First of all, as soon as I entered the store, the two adorable girls working there were completely thrilled with my 40's outfit I had made (love), and were like "Oh my gosh, this store was like totally made for you"(adorable).  They were like, well, we would offer you help, but you obviously know what you are doing (why yes I do).  The store is definitely more than I usually spend on clothes, but it is worth it and they have a gorgeous collection of all eras.  And...and! While I was shopping, the main girl was information shopping with me and kept asking me questions like if I was still in school, if I had a job, etc. etc. and it turns out she wants me to turn in a resume so that I could try to work there part time.  How awesome is that?  Totally awesome right?  I mean, it is a farther drive than I have now in my job coaching job, but I am not happy with my current part time job, and I am pretty sure I would be totally happy in this store.  So my plan is to submit my resume, try to get a job there, work during the week, substitute teach on my off days and in the mornings since the store doesn't open until noon, do my respite care job I just started at nights, and do the party planning I am doing for the nonprofit organization during my free time.  And have my weekends off.  Yep, that's the plan for my life as of today.

Also, I plan on doing a sewing and Bible, book and movie post tomorrow, now that I am back in the swing of things.   

I found this homemade 1950's shirtwaist dress last weekend at a small flea market.  Sadly it has a 24 inch waist, and well...I don't.  So, as soon I get a hold of my model with a 24 inch waist this cutie will be in my store. 

I am pretty sure this is my best find.  This is a 1950's Talmack couture silk dress.  This purple creation is just gorgeous with beautiful details and sadly I neither have any place that I can go with such a fancy dress, nor does it have a waist size to fit me properly.  Store.

I found this simple, but super cute silk blouse at the antique mall.  Darn my darn hips.  It doesn't fit me either.  It buttons up the back and has an adorable bow detail on the front.  Store.

This is the green cashmere coat I got from the hippies.  It has a mink collar and is in fabulous condition.  It is a diamond dust tailor by mondow. Store.

I am undecided about selling this silk dress or not.  It does fit me sort of fabulously.  It is a 60's Senior Miss by Charles Bart.  It is missing a belt, but has super cute ribbon detailing along the top.  Undecided.

Sadly again, this gorgeous 50's? suit is too small for me.  Now, if I didn't have to move and didn't care about silly things like breathing and eating, then I could keep it. But, it is black silk with black velvet trim and gold organza detailing at the neck.  Store.

This homemade little number is adorable and fits me and I claim it as mine.  It needs some work, but it looks so good on me how could I pass it up.  And it has a matching jacket. Mine

See my super adorable 50s hat I found last weekend at the flea market.  It is in practically perfect condition and it was only $5.00. Mine.

I found this at the antique mall.  I don't usually pay as much for clothes as I paid for this, but honestly could I pass it up?  It was never a question that this dress was going to be mine as long as it fit, and it does, so yay.  It's from the 40's, and needs the buttons replaced, but other than that it's perfect. Mine.

Yikes.  I need to get a black slip.  This 1940's beauty was going to go in my store, but then I just had to try it on to model it for the pictures obviously, and that was a mistake.  It fits me so wonderfully and actually manages to make me look thin, and it has pink and lace, two of my favorite things.  So, long store short, it was going to go in the store, but now it is mine.

This cute late 50's/early 60's dress needs some seams resewn which I am going to hopefully get on tomorrow.  But is a nice creamy yellow, has knife pleats on the top and cute flower detail at the waist.  See through, though, as if you couldn't tell.  Store.

This is the 1930's powder jar I found.  It has really intricate detailings on the side, but of course I didn't get a picture of it.  Dummy.  Mine

My sewing patterns I found for $3.00 each.  You can't beat that.  Mine for now.

The 1940's blouse I found at Mad 4 Mod.  Super cute detailing, but I obviously need to find something different to put under see through blouses. 

And finally, the 50's grey blue blouse I also found at Mad 4 Mod.  It is super comfortable and business like for more professional settings which is nice.  Mine.

I'm tired.  Don't I look tired in the picture?  Haha.  That's it for now.  All the awesome hats I found over the past couple of weeks will be listed tomorrow along with my sewing post, bible, movie, and reading post.  Have a lovely night.

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