Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daily Outfit

Well, this weekend, my parents randomly decided to turn our spare bedroom into my own sewing room and vintage closet for me.  I totally approve.  But this is definitely a work in progress, so pictures of the finished project will come hopefully shortly. 

I finally finished my 1940's day dress with my truly vintage fabric, and for the first time I feel like something I made doesn't look homemade.  Yay!  I think I've gotten better at it, but I still feel like most of the things I make have this homemade quality to them which I hate.  Bleh.
When I was sewing this, I had to go over board on the pins so that the stripes matched (almost as annoying as hand sewing), and with the stripes to guide me, I'm pretty sure my hem is the most evenly sewn hem I will ever do. 
And, at first I wasn't going to add the lace, and my mother made fun of me for using the kind I did because it's lingerie lace, but it matched so perfectly I couldn't not add it.  Though something screwy happened with my tailor tacks and I had to totally disregard them and go by sight to make the swoopy part even.  Oh well. 
For the arm hole, they didn't have a pattern piece for it, but they said to make a facing for it (annoying), but I just pressed the seam allowance and folded in the cut edge like I would for a smaller hem and then hand sewed it.  I think it came out better than it would if I had tried to screw around with doing a facing.
And, for once in my life, my hair kinda turned out awesome today.  And I was even pressed for time since I woke up late and had to get to early service.  Perfect hair for a hat.  I ws concerned about wearing a 50's hat with a 40's dress, but the colors were so perfect together, I think it looks relatively cute together.  What do you think? Hat yay or nay?  My little 4 year old kiddies in Sunday School were kind of mesmerized by it in the beginning of class.  I guess I've never worn a hat around them, which I can't imagine to be true, but whatever, and they were like "Teacher you have something on your head.  It looks like a lego."  That's what I heard today.  My hat looks like a lego.  I love these kids lol.  It will probably be the most awesome lego they will ever see.

That's it for now.  I will do my first hair tutorial later today and a Bible and movie post also later today.


Kate said...

I like the hat and dress combination. Great job on the dress! :)

Miss1941 said...

Your dress is stunning and your hair is gorgeous!! Love the "lego" hat. lol.

Vivian V. Dimples said...

You look stunning! I love the dress, it's so wonderful to see blue stripes.

Justice Pirate said...

beautiful dress!