Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flea Market Finds

First things first.  There is a totally awesome femme fetale giveaway going on at Va-Voom Vintage so go enter! 

This past weekend, the Springfield Extravaganza Flea Market happened.  Yay!  My favorite weekend each month is the flea market, but 2 times a year they have an extravaganza and it about triples the normal size, and usually takes us about 8 hours to see everything.  I basically consider it my workout for an entire week lol.  It is usually a very happy time:D  However,  I was in kind of a horrible mood and probably a terrible bore because my allergies have been plaguing me for about 3 full weeks now.  It makes me all stuffed up and give me awful sinus headaches, etc etc...oh the horrors of a pollen ridden Ohio this time of year...bleh.  So, it was not as lovely of an experience as it normally is, but I still found a lot of totally awesome things, including some faby hats, a 50's Jantzen's swimsuit, a 1940's NOS Betty Hartford suit, a 1940's wedding dress, and various assortments of buttons, buckles, and patterns.  Here's a quick picture view of everything, and individual picture hats and other things will come hopefully tomorrow after I decide what I am going to keep and what I am going to sell.
 there weren't a whole lot of amazing buttons and belt buckles which was surprising, but there were some fabulous glass buttons and ivory buckle
 A quick view of the 1940's wedding dress.  I was too lazy to take it out, but it has a veil and that beaded pattern that is at the top throughout the dress randomly.
 My 50's Jantzen bathing suit I found for $10.00.  Of course I had to get, and it fits. Finally.  Something I found finally fits, even though it is way past swimming season. 
 The NOS 1940's suit that actually fits me as well.  Not the cutest suit I've found, but since it fits, I'm keeping it, and it is still super fine.  I got it for $10.00 amazingly because it was missing a button.  That's it.  No holes or anything.  What an easy fix.
 The patterns I found for $1.00 each.  I have to decide which ones to sell and which ones to keep.  Obviously the ones that are not even close to my size I won't keep.  And, some of them are very similar to each other, so I need to choose which ones I like more.  I also got a book that documents and chronicles fabric types and fabric patterns from the late 1800's to 1960's (I think), but I forgot to take a picture of it.  Individual pictures to come tomorrow possibly, if my hair cooperates. 

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