Saturday, October 30, 2010

Insert Totally Awesome Title Here about A Housekeeping Post

Well this post is going to be a housekeeping post.  Bare with me.
I have totally been MIA lately.  The annual meeting/party I was planning for a nonprofit finally happened last Tuesday and went splendidly and that had sucked up most of my time.  But, that is over so I have a lot more free time now.  I started sewing  a dress... I haven't sewn in over a month.  Yikes.  I definitely miss it.
I finally got to wear the permapleated skirt that I got from FabGabs a while back and my new shoes from Urban Outfitters.  I need to figure out how to take it in about an inch or two, because right now it fits right at my hips and not at my waist like it should.  And, I never thought to use our one set of stairs as a place to take pictures.  What do you think?  I guess you can't really see them, but the wall is lined with old family photos.
Last week, my Uncle and his wife came to visit with their new baby girl.  They went with my parents to the Ohio State game and I babysat little Rachael all afternoon.  She is just the sweetest little thing, though she was a little cryie because she was teething. 

I have now started a youtube review site where I am going to be reviewing individual episodes of my favorite sci fi/fantasy shows.  I named it after my etsy store.  Right now I only have an introduction about myself and five episodes of Supernatural up, but I am going to be eventually reviewing the following shows: Doctor Who, Pushing Daisies, Firefly, Legend of the Seeker, Dark Angel, among other shows.  I will also review books I read and scifi/fantasy movies/miniseries like Children of Dune and Serenity.  So if you want to go check it out I would love for you to:D
And, I finally got my pumpkins carved for Halloween this year.  I never really have anywhere to dress up in a costume but I do like to carve a pumpkin or two...or three like I did this year.  Like I said, I go to this awesome sci fi site (I truly am a scifi geek as much as I try to convince myself otherwise) every year where they have scifi/fantasy templates for carving pumpkins.  I like to do things in themes, so I have entitled my pumpkins: A Very Doctor Who Halloween.  I hope you can tell what they are.  I wrote this on my facebook page:  "trying to decide if I like David Tennant or Matt Smith more as The Doctor is like trying to decide whether I'd rather have my chocolate given to me in a cookie or a tuffle"  and its true.  So instead of showing my love for one doctor over the other I just carved both.  I think the David Tennant's 10th Doctor is probably the best.  The middle picture is Matt Smith's 11th Doctor.  And, the last one is a cyberman.  I think that one is a little hard to tell.  I would have liked something a little more iconic like the Daleks, but I took what they had.

I think that is it for now.  I am off to sew, to see if I can get it finished in time for tomorrow.


Kate said...

Those are some seriously awesome pumpkins!

Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

stairs can be cute and nice for photos. it's true.