Sunday, October 31, 2010

40's Suit and Some More Doctor Who Pumpkin Pics

Today I sang Revelation Song at all three services in church.  I first learned this song at College because we sang it all the time during our daily chapel services. 
"Worthy is the lamb who was slain Holy Holy is He.  Sing a new song to Him who sits on Heaven's mercy seat.  Clothed in rainbows of living color.  Flashes of lightening, rolls of thunder.  Blessing and honor strength and glory and power be.  To you the only wise king. 

Chorus:  Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty.  Who was, and is, and is to come.  To all creation I sing, praise to the King of Kings.  You are my everything, and I will adore you."
I  just think it such a beautiful and truly powerful song.  But of course, my allergies had to attack me all weekend long, so I sang with a very stuffed up nose. Attractive.  I wish I could just karate chop my allergies right out of my body...but I have yet to be blessed with those super abilities.

This is the same 1940's suit I wore to the annual meeting/party that took place last Tuesday.  I found this at the flea market for $10 because it was missing buttons, which was a super duper easy fix. I'm not really sure what type of fabric it is, but it has a very nice feel and quality to it.  The fabric is a very very thin white and grey line design.  And yes, my shoes are plum.  It felt so boring to wear a grey suit and black hat, that I wanted a pop of color.
It was weird at church today, though, and I don't know if its because I was singing so more people saw me or what, but I kept getting asked why I was so dressed up.  And I need a reason to look nice?  I mean I always wear something nice to church, (and on most days except for at work) and this was no nicer than usual, but it was just so weird.  It felt like people were  accusing me of something horrid lol.  I know they weren't, but it just felt so odd. I think church has become almost too casual for me (in my opinion), and some people like that, and that's fine, but I always feel like the least I can do is look nice and proper for someone who died for me. 

I did feel like a kid magnet though.  Kids for some reason (probably because of me teaching little kiddies Sunday School) were popping up out of nowhere today to give me hugs and tell me they liked my outfit.  Well, at least we know the little people have a sense of fashion :D
Oh, and I got some cool pictures of my pumpkins lit at night.  The David Tennant one didn't come out too great, but the cyberman and Matt Smith came out fabulously.  Hopefully tonight I can get some better ones of all three.

See what I mean.  I think the poor Doctor's candle was not lit proper, or had too much wax in it or something.  That must be fixed!  Though the sky was beautiful!


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Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

This outfit is quite lovely on you!!!

Gabriella said...

That suit is to die! You look fabulous!

I just gave you an award over on my blog Sewing Is Hard...

Miss1941 said...

You've just received an award on my blog :)

Stephanie Lynn said...

I get comments when I dress up for church too. Of course, my church meets in a horse riding arena, so most people are in sneakers and jeans. I refuse to look blah, though!