Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sanctus Real

I have been working on  this darn dress for almost 2 weeks now.  Jeesh.  I never take that long on anything.  It wasn't particularly hard or difficult to follow, I just never found time to really devote to the poor thing.  But, it finally got finished and I have to say, I feel like a school girl in it.  I like it, don't get me wrong, but doesn't it sort of have that uniform feel?  Anyways its a flannel plaid, so it is super warm and there are a lot of simple details in it that I like.
I decided to be different today and wore a flower headband instead of a hat.  It felt strange.
It has three darts in the sleeve.  I really like the look of this feature, and it makes the dress seem more tailored.
Close up of the super cute buttons and bound buttonholes.  Oh bound buttonholes, how I despise thee.
I'm not sure how I feel about the blue for the belt, especially with the brown buttons.  However, I always have this problem of running out of fabric before I get around to cutting out the belt.  So I have to make do with other fabrics.  The belt may change. 

In other exciting news, I went to a Sanctus Real concert tonight.  That was cool.  It was a free concert at a church close to me.  I hardcore love Sanctus Real.  Even though it was a venue geared more towards teens, there were still some adults there.  It reminded me slightly of Acquire the Fire, which probably no one has a clue what I'm talking about, but it takes place in Cleveland over a weekend once a year.  They get big name Christian bands and speakers that perform and speak throughout each day.  It is geared towards teens and getting them to renew their faith/setting their faith on fire, so to speak.  It was one of the things that I actually took part in in high school which was pretty big for me because I never joined in on things like youth group, Bible studies etc.  Anyways tonight, Sanctus Real kicked things off by singing a few of their rockier songs.  Then a speaker spoke on the topic of being refreshed.  How God refreshes us and nurtures us, not the world.  Not worldly things.  That probably a really crummy recap of what he said, but there ya go.  After he spoke, Sanctus Real came back out and sang some of there more worshipful songs, included Lead Me, my favorite new song of theirs.  They put on a totally rockin' concert.

And lastly, just what I needed was another thing to run and waste my time on, but I have a tumblr now (I Wander at the Wonderfalls). yippee.  But, I am using it to post things about movies and tv shows and books, etc.  that I like.  So don't expect a bunch of vintage pictures to show because they won't other than a guest appearance.  But, if you like things like Joss Whedon shows, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Doctor Who, etc.  you should check it out.  Its cool.

And now I'm off to watch an episode of Tom Baker Doctor Who.


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

oh wow that looks super comfortable to wear and so warm looking. You look splendid!!!!! We have things like that near us often . . where lots of bands that are Christian play. We have about 4 festivals in an hour and a half radius that happen in the summer/early autumn time. I've heard of Sanctus Real before but never listened to them until hearing them in your video. I think I'll look them up more to hear more of their music. Pretty song!!!!

Miss Margarita said...

Very nice dress! It looks soft and comfy and I love the tartan pattern :)
And I didn't think school girl until I read your text, so I won't agree with that ;)

Leanne Elizabeth Manning. said...

Hello there, I have given you an award which you can find on my newest post =)