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Hot Geek Crush: James McAvoy

We interrupt the usual broadcast for an unimportant announcement. Well, I am hastily trying to finish this 1940's retro butterick pattern (meaning, its a present day pattern but a 1940's dress), hand sewing the hem, which has taken me forever to do...or I have put it off for a couple of days because I hate handsewing with a passion.  I hope to have it finished tonight, so I will post pictures tomorrow.  Anyways, so I thought in the mean time, I would show you how much of a sci-fi geek I am by showcasing certain actors who I just adore and who I first fell in love with in a sci-fi role.

So, Confession time: I have hot geek crushes on many, many actors who frequent the the sci-fi/fantasy realm of movies and/or tv.  I appreciate these actors, usually because they are vastly underrated and do things that won't necessarily get them the recognition like most actors in Hollywood want, and they chose roles based on their love for the genre.

Therefore without futher ado, I present my first in this series: James McAvoy.  I first noticed James in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which I am sure was when a lot of people were first introduced to him.  I first saw him as the faun, Mr. Tumnus and was instantly enthralled and then I wondered, "who is this adorable man?"  I immediately was determined to discover all I could about this man McAvoy.
Well, with some careful searching, I discovered he was in Children of Dune.  I loved the miniseries Sci-fi did of Dune (the miniseries mind you, not that God awful movie that was in the theaters) and was appalled that I did not realize they had created a second miniseries from the 2nd and 3rd books in the Dune series by Frank Herbert.  If you have never heard of Dune or never read the series, I am not sure if you can truly capture the beauty of the worlds Herbert has created in the Saga of Dune.  The miniseries is so congested with ideas, theology, terms, you name it that if you havent read the books, you will be stopping the miniseries every five minutes looking up words that they say that you wouldnt be able to truly enjoy this miniseries, which lets face it, is the last best thing that sci-fi has put out.  In fact, I have read Dune, Dune Messiah, and Children of Dune, and I have watched the miniseries at least once a month (that's how much I love it) and I am still confused by certain parts each time.  So anyways enough ranting about the miniseries itself, lets get to the best part, and that of course is James McAvoy.  He has a miniscule part in the first part of the miniseries, only appearing in visions, but parts 2 and 3 he is the main focus.  And he is crazy, scary good.  The directors had to have known he was a star in the making when they cast him, because even though it was made for tv mini-series the emotion and depth he gives to his character of Leto is insanely intense.  In the very first scene he is featured in in part 2 you can tell only from a couple of words and actions how much he loves and cares for his sister, and how the knowledge of what is to come is putting too much weight on his shoulders.  And on a side note, the soundtrack is something to behold.  I love it and listen to it quite often.  At the end of the first episode, there is a gorgeous montage sequence with a haunting melody sung in the Freman language, so don't expect to understand it, but appreciate it for its beautifulness.
Inama Nushif Music video

Well, needless to say, my love for him grew after seeing the performance he gave in Children of Dune.  So I waited patiently, and patiently for the next thing he was going to be in that I could love and that happened to be Penelope, a fantasy fairy tale of sorts.  It is adorable to say the least, and that's saying something because I usually strongly detest chick flicks.  Anyways, its about a girl cursed with a pig's nose and she need's her "prince" to come and rescue her and then she will be cursed no more.  And who is that prince you might ask, why it's James McAvoy.  I won't go too indepth about this, but it's a cute twist on a common story and its worth it just to see James.  And then there's Wanted.  Hmm, should I consider this sci-fi/fantasy or not.  Not sure.  It's not my favorite movie of his, but it is worth seeing once just for the amazing cgi/bullet work.  It is truly awesome.

But, hold back the presses.  James McAvoy is not only known for his sci-fi/fantasy work, but also his period films that he does, which- shocker, actually goes with the theme of my blog.  And boy, does he do them well.  First, there was Band of Brothers.  If you have not seen Band of Brothers, stop what you are doing and go rent/purchase/steal, whatever you have to do to obtain a copy and watch.   It is truly a masterpiece and it is wonderful to see a positive story about war even if it is about WWII.  James is only in one episode, but does get quite a bit of screen time as Private James Miller.  Then he was in The Last King of Scotland, which sadly, I have not seen due to my opposition to the violence/sex/nudity in it, but I am sure he was fabulous in it.  He was next in Becoming Jane, about Jane Austen (very fabulous if you love Regency Period films like me), and Atonement, one of my favorite tearjerker movies, also about WWII.  If you do not like tragedies do not see this movie.  You will probably only want to shoot yourself at the end of seeing it.  But boy, this was the movie that probably gave him national and critical acclaim.  Which I hate by the way.  I hate all of the popular actors that everyone is so in love with because of their looks and not acting abilities, so I hope he stays in more obscure movies, but anyways.  The clothing in Atonement is a feast for the eyes, if you see it for nothing else, see it for the gorgeous 30's clothing.  The 30's have some of the truly most gorgeous lines for dresses, and men look so dapper in their blazers, sweaters, and suspenders.  Oh yes they did.  Anyways, James puts the same amount of emotion and depth that I fell in love with in Children of Dune, but he makes his character his own.  Each of his characters are distinct and charming and lovable.  His characters, whether on purpose or not I don't know, are extremely sensitive in one way or another and are emotionally deep, and manly.  I really don't know what's not to love. And that, Ladies and Gents is why I have a hot geek crush on James McAvoy.

Wow that was a long post.  And if anyone actually took the time to read the whole thing I owe you a cookie.

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