Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Lovely Little Day

What a lovely little day today.  It was Wednesday, and do we know that that means for this vintage doll?  Yep, no work.  So, I went to visit my very modern best friend in Columbus to have lunch.  We quickly drove through Wendy's, and because it was such a beautiful day today, we ate at a park.  So vintage doll and modern doll had fabulous time discussing things about life.  As we were about to leave, I noticed there was a tire swing.  I love tire swings.  It reminds me of being 4. Don't ask me why.  I never had a tire swing in my entire life, but I get very nostalgic about tire swings.  It's a quirk. 
                      And no, that is not a vintage outfit at all.  Just a pair of skinny jeans
                      and wool jacket from Talbots my mother gave me.  It slightly resembles
                      a Pendleton 49er jacket, so I like it until I get a real one!  My sunglasses
                      are vintage though.  I believe they were my grandmothers and from the
                      50's.  I may be lying though.
                Silly best friend.  She wore a skirt and it was  only 60 degrees out!

We took one more picture on the bench and then she had to go back to boring work and I got to go home and work on important things such as:
Tracing more patterns.  Yep.  5 hours later and I finally finished.  It takes quite a bit of time trace patterns.  Now I just have to study those instructions on how to size them up a size or two.    This is what it looks like:
I use pattern tracing interfacing.  So far, it has done the just fine, though I know most people use Swedish interfacing.  When I opened one of my patterns I had bought at the flea market a few weeks ago, there was this amazing pamphlet on how to care for Rayon and other types of fabric, how to iron it and how to wash it.  It was a great surprise.
I am not sure of the date, but looking at the clothes in the picture and the awesome hairstylings of the lovely ladies, I would say it is from the 1940's.  If anyone knows better, please correct me.
I also received some lovely packages in the mail today: 
The red, orange, and teal fabrics are 1930's feedsack reproductions I ordered from Reproduction Fabrics.  Very cute I think.

This hat, from the 60's??  is in practically perfect condition, and has adorable accents to boot.  I got it but it now price for $3.00 on ebay.  Can you believe that.  When I saw it I swore there had to be something  wrong with it, but not, the lady was that generous. 
The last thing I got was this navy dress from MyCocoonVintage.  At first, when I opened the package, I was a little disappointed because the accents are definitely gold.  A gaudy gaudy gold and in the pictures they had it looks very light gold, almost white.  I thought, "whatever am I to do with this truly awful goldyness."  But then a brilliant idea popped into my head.  Instead of pouting about it, I did something about it.  I found some 1/4 inch white grosgrain ribbon and pinned it on top of on top of the ugly gold trim and covered it up.  I will have to find some white buttons to replace the ones that it has on it, and then it will be very adorable.
Tomorrow I only work a half day, which you know, only amounts to two hours of work, so guess what I will be doing all day??? Any guesses.  I am too predictable I've decided.  Oh and no messy bed shots.  I apologize for those.  I gotta find a new spot to take pictures because I never make my bed.  Very unladylike, I know, but I find it a pointless task whose only purpose is to waste my time.
But as you can tell 
today was a fabulous day.  Forgive the slightly possessed and creepy look I have going on up in that picture and Please comment.  I love hearing from you.  
Until tomorrow


Alicia Rife said...

Such a cute blog! You are a very talented sewer and witty writer....what an enjoyable read! I do have some tricks for pin curls from my cosmetology school days---remind me next time I see you @ church, for I would take up too much space on here :)

Cilla said...

Thanks for having lunch with me!!! Love you:)

CAITi said...

priscilla, it was such a lovely time having lunch with you. We must do it again soon!

Alicia- Thanks so much for reading!! I would love to hear your tips on pin curling. They drive me nuts:D