Tuesday, April 27, 2010

There's a Little Sailor in all of Us

Picture Credit: War Stories Poster
Well, today it continued to rain.  And needless to say my hair, makeup, well, nothing was cooperating today, as you will be able to see by the pictures.  So I did not take pictures of my outfit I made, but I will tomorrow.  But I did wear a cute outfit today, so without further ado:

I love anything that even hints of nautical, and what better way to show that love than to go straight to the source.  I found this online and snatched it up right away.  It is from WWII.  I absolutely adored it the moment I received it, but it was slightly small.  So, taking a cue from Solanah over at Vixen Vintage, and after seeing her cut up her WWII jacket, I followed suit. I cut it down the middle and made it more like a jacket.
                                  Cuff Detail

I added buttonholes and military buttons.  I had the worst experience I have ever had buying online with these buttons.  I ordered the buttons and the jacket one day apart from each other. I received the jacket 3 days later, I received the buttons 2 months later.  Needless to say, I will not link to the crazy lady I ordered the buttons from.  I am not sure how old the buttons are, but I definitely do not think they are from WWII.
Under the flap in the back there is still a name tag.

Mr. Frank Koch, I know little about you, but I thank you for your service.  My searching has yielded little results, other than what I can tell from the insignia on your jacket.  I know you reached Petty Officer, Second Class.  I know you were a metalsmith and shipfitter and worked on the ships.  I know that this jacket was in practically perfect condition, and I hope that that means you saw little of war. 
I wish I could have had this jacket earlier than I bought it so I could get more use out of it this year, but sadly it is getting warm (obviously except for today since I wore it and another jacket) so it will not be worn much longer.  But I might as well have fun with it while I still can.

I also had lunch with Megan at Casa Fiesta, which was just lovely, then I came back home and slept for 2 hours.  Yep, I had a very productive day indeed.  So tomorrow, its supposed to be nicer and my hair is going to cooperate since I threatened it within an inch of its life, therefore I will take pictures of my new dress I made and I am going to attempt doing victory rolls.
That would be these very lame examples:

A very common style from the 1940's.  I just haven't decided if I look them in my hair or not .  I will decide tomorrow when it is tamer.  
Well, its off to bed now. Oh, I am on the lookout for a new camera in the near future.  If anyone has a suggestion of camera that is not super super expensive but takes clear crisp, true color pictures, please leave a comment!!
Until tomorrow

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Cilla said...

You're a nut! When do you actually work? I think you're in the wrong field - open up your own shop...you'll enjoy it more than what you're doing now! Till tomorrow:)