Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Sunday, Who Has a Cute Dress?

Well, I have definitely been working on my dress that I cut out on Wednesday. I promise.
See.  Proof, I have been working diligently, but the fabric has turned out quite disappointing.  And I finally finished it last night after hand sewing more things than I cared to do, and it fits like a T, so I will post it tomorrow, after looking all nice and proper with my hair done up right.  But enough about the future, lets talk about right now.  It's a daily outfit post today!  I think I should relabel that as a weekly outfit post, since I seem to be only doing them on Sunday's after church.  Hmm. Well, today I had to get up way too early, at a time I never really care to see again to sing. The chancel choir was singing at early service today with the kid's choir, which was absolutely adorable.  And you would not believe how good the kids are at singing (A lot better than my 4 year old Sunday School class, although my kids are quite cute).  Anyway, enough about the kids.  I wore a dress I got on ebay for $10.  Very cheap, very much a price I can handle paying.

  Cute, huh?  I thought so, until I got it in the mail.  The people forgot to mention that half the buttons were falling off, half the seams needed to be resewn, and there were a few dark spots around the bodice.  I couldn't really complain though, since it was only $10, and I easily fixed it.  I also found time last night to finally start pin curling my hair again after a week of sloppy dressing, and leaving to go to work with wet, sloppy hair, it was lovely to be all nice and proper once again.  My hair thanked me as well.  It does so enjoy getting to dress up.  Although the rain had different ideas for my it.  Very different ideas.  My hair was not tight curled and bouncy like normal, but instead flat and frizzy.
I think if I am going to continue taking pictures of myself in the mirror, I should probably clean off my vanity quite a bit.  Otherwise, what would be the point of taking a picture in the mirror if you can't see anything but my accessories.  It would be quite terribly boring.
Sadly, it was only in my imagination that I wore this truly lovely hat.  When I go to church and sing in the choir, we have to wear very drab and unflattering choir robes.  Well, I don't have to tell you how funny I would look with the maroon choir robe on and this delightful hat on.  So, only when I came home did I put on the hat just for a moment to have a complete look.  (Although I did wear a hat on Easter with my choir robes.  Quite funny looking.) 

Side not: Those of you who know little Dexter, know that he a small, little black feisty fuzzball poodle who is quite a demanding little fellow who in fact demanded to be featured in my blog today.  So after promising to be perfect in every way, and promising to pose quite adorably for my pictures, I agreed.  As you can see, he was a little gentleman.

I also had a quite lovely dinner at Red Lobster with Megan today, after searching around Dublin for a Halloween Store.  We were unsuccessful.  She is one of my very best friends, and when I am actually doing something fun and adventurous, and not staying around the house to sew or be lazy, it is usually with her (or Priscilla).  Next time, I promise to get some pictures of our adventures.

And look, I am wearing my new shoes!!!  Aren't they just full of character?  I received several  lovely comments from some very lovely ladies in choir today.

So, tomorrow, I will, depending upon how my hair decides to cooperate, post my new outfit I made, and anything else lovely that comes along.  Maybe a hot geek crush this week, perhaps.  We shall see.
I almost forgot, a close up of my makeup and I wore very splendid jewelry indeed today from the flea market! And if anyone knows any tips for getting some bounce and spring into your pincurls, please don't be shy.  Comment!
I bid you adieu, until tomorrow!

Dress: Forever Lovely Vintage
Hat: Flea Market


Cilla said...

Even though I'm not a fan of that style of clothing - you totally can pull it off!! I think you were born in the wrong decade:)

Cilla said...

Oh - one more thing - I hope your Red Lobster experience was better than mine...I about threw-up the last time I went - and that will be the last time I go!

CAITi said...

Oh no dear friend. That is awful. We had a very good meal.